That ‘90s Show Just Proved Why A That ‘50s Show Prequel Would Work

A comment made by Ozzie in That ’90s Show’s pilot proves that a prequel series based on Red and Kitty’s origin story would work as a spinoff.

WARNING! This article contains minor SPOILERS for That ’90s Show season 1!One line from Ozzie in That ‘90s Show season 1 proves that a spinoff following Red and Kitty’s youth in a That ‘50s Show spinoff would actually work. While That ‘70s Show did technically have an indirect spinoff with the canceled sitcom That ‘80s Show, it was virtually unconnected to the main story. As such, That ‘90s Show is the first official spinoff, with its popularity and success on Netflix increasing the likelihood of That ‘70s Show‘s franchise being expanded even further.


While there has yet to be any word on new spinoffs for That ‘70s Show, the best decade to cover after That ‘90s Show’s timeline would be the 1950s, thus taking the Formans’ story back in time. A prequel set around Point Place in the 1950s would add plenty of new layers to the beloved town and the quirky residents who still live there during That ‘90s Show, such as Red and Kitty Forman and even Leo. In fact, for the same reason why That ‘90s Show works as a sequel series, Ozzie already gives a key underlying argument for why a That ‘70s Show prequel following their grandparents would be successful.

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Ozzie Points Out That Their Parents & Grandparents Had The Same Teenage Woes

That 90s Show Season 1 That '70s Show Keg

In That ‘90s Show’s pilot, Leia and the gang find themselves in a dilemma when they’re mistakenly given a keg without a tap. Ozzie mentions that the conflict of “kids versus beer” is a “tale as old as time,” having been suffered by their parents and their parents’ parents. Considering That ‘90s Show’s keg story is a recreation of That ‘70s Show’s season 1 episode “The Keg,” Ozzie is exactly correct, which also sets up the need for a spinoff depicting young Kitty and Red trying to tap a new metal keg. Just like how Leia and Jay repeat their parents’ misadventures, That ‘50s Show would reveal that Eric was just rehashing his own parents’ conflicts.

When jumping back into Point Place, That ‘90s Show’s creators wanted to introduce a new format and ensure they were doing something new instead of just repeating That ‘70s Show. Red already hinted at how a That ‘50s Show prequel would be distinct when referencing that when he was Leia’s same age, the only gift he wanted was a polio vaccine, highlighting the differences in this era’s culture and “modernization” of the world compared to the original sitcom and sequel series. Following the 20-year gap design, Red and Kitty would be in their early 20s in a 1950s-set prequel, so their ages would also present more mature conflicts akin to the later seasons of That ‘70s Show.

Why Red & Kitty Deserve A That ‘70s Show Prequel Series


That ‘90s Show reaffirms that Red and Kitty are truly the anchors of the franchise; not only are they fan-favorite characters, but they also provide the central home and compassion that connects each major story. After seeing them raise the teens in That ‘70s Show and do it all again in That ‘90s Show, it’s time to see what it was like when Red and Kitty were reckless young people. That ‘70s Show included a few flashbacks to Red and Kitty first meeting during the war and later beginning their family in Point Place, but their popularity now warrants their own Happy Days-style series dedicated to their origin story.

That ‘70s Show‘s flashbacks to Red and Kitty’s youth also reveal that they were still pretty adventurous when they met, with Red pulling down his pants at a 1950s USO dance and Kitty drinking too much and running into him. Before having kids, they shared similarities with Eric in That ‘70s Show and Leia in That ‘90s Show, which makes it even more intriguing to see their lives before Eric and Laurie. Since Red and Kitty are the heart and soul of That ‘70s Show and That ‘90s Show, their stories would be complete with a spinoff centered on their own youthful past.

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