The 14 Most Powerful Doom Patrol Members, Ranked

Not many superhero movies and TV shows explore as wide a variety of special abilities as Doom Patrol. Both the heroes and the villains on the show have unique powers, and as a result, they are almost impossible to defeat. Over time, some of the characters have also demonstrated that they are much stronger than their counterparts and there have been plenty of instances to back that up.

Having extra strength is important in a world where almost everyone has the ability to pull a trick out of the bag at any given moment. Stronger characters not only have a better survival rate, but also tend to get their way, hence ensuring they remain dominant in Cloverton and all the adjacent regions.

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Doom Patrol returns to HBO Max in December 2022. If the fourth season is anything like the first three, fans should expect to meet some great new heroes and villains, all among the most bizarre in comic book history. With that said, it will take a lot to match up with the heroes and villains that came in the first three seasons. It also isn’t just the main Doom Patrol team members that are among the most powerful in this corner of the DC Universe, but also former members of the team which showed up in the later seasons. There is no telling if anyone else will join the team, but if they do, they have plenty of powerhouses to work alongside.


14/14 Niles

Timothy Dalton as The Chief Dr. Niles Caulder on Doom Patrol.

In some interesting trivia, Doom Patrol and the X-Men were created around the same time from DC and Marvel. The two teams consisted of outsider heroes with mysterious powers led by a man in a wheelchair. Unlike Professor X, Niles Caulder doesn’t have powers that rival even his charges.

However, that doesn’t mean that Niles is powerless. He is actually very powerful, as he pulls strings to lead the Doom Patrol, so their power is his power. He was, at one time, immortal, but he gave that up and ended up sacrificing himself to save his team.

13/14 Mento

Mento on Doom Patrol.

Mento is a former member of Doom Patrol. Steve Drayton was one of the team members who had mental breakdowns after failing to beat Mister Nobody before. They ended up cared for by Joshua Clay.

However, before this, he was immensely powerful. Mento is a telepath and could speak with Rita using these powers. He showed his power in this moment when he helped dig through memories of the hero to help her control her powers better. He can also create illusions, and it is in these illusions that he now lives in his mind.

12/14 Lodestone

Lodestone on Doom Patrol.

Rhea Jones was Lodestone, another former Doom Patrol member. Much like her teammates, they all suffered breakdowns and eventually broke up after Mister Negative defeated them. She joined her teammates under the medical care of Joshua Clay.

Her power is magnekinesis. This makes her a Doom Patrol version of Magneto, but like most members of this team, on a smaller level. She used a suit to protect her from injury while she manipulated magnetic and metallic materials with her mind.

11/14 Beast Boy

Ryan Potter as Beast Boy and the cast of Titans

In the comics, Beast Boy was a member of Doom Patrol, and the TV series kept that connection intact. When the team debuted on Titans, Beast Boy was there as a member of this iconic team. However, he has since moved away from that and has a new family.

However, his power cannot be denied. Garth can change into any animal that ever existed, with the size and power of that beast. This includes dinosaurs, so there is really no limit to how powerful Beast Boy really is.

10/14 Flex Mentallo

Flex Mentallo saves a cat from a tree in Doom Patrol

Flex is one of Doom Patrol‘s fan-favorite characters, and that’s because his power is quite interesting. With his “Muscle Mystery,” he can control just about anything by simply flexing his arm muscles or a tiny part of his body.

Flex’s physique hints at the fact that he would get the better of any opponent if he ever chose to wrestle them. However, he doesn’t need to do that since flexing gets the job done. Fans get to learn just how strong he is when he blacks out an entire city while angry over Dolores’ demise. And there’s more he has done to make a case for himself as the strongest hero. Earlier in his life, he is held captive by the Bureau of Normalcy, whose walls are described as stronger than even those of the most secure penitentiaries. Nevertheless, Flex is still able to create fissures in them.

9/14 Aran Desai, AKA Celcius

Celcius shuts Crazy Jane up by freezing her mouth in Doom Patrol

Aran Desai’s gifts include Pyrokinesis (the ability to manipulate fire) and Cryogenesis (the ability to manipulate ice). She also believes she is married to The Chief because Mr. Nobody corrupted her mind.

Desai’s extreme tolerance to both high and low temperatures makes her impossible to kill. Using the fireballs or iceballs she creates, she can not only stop incoming attacks but also knock out any being, no matter how powerful it is. Given how much Desai can do, it’s unfortunate that she isn’t used so frequently. In the comics, she is granted more storylines and gets to command her own team.

8/14 Rita Farr (Elasti-Girl)

Rita Farr stretches her fingers to grab a cup in Doom Patrol.

The former Hollywood actress acquired the power of elasticity when The Chief exposes her to toxic gases as part of the Immortus Initiative. Consequently, she is able to stretch all external parts of her body to great distances.

At first glance, Farr doesn’t appear strong since according to science the power should be pretty unstable. However, she has recently exhibited that her elasticity comes with great strength too. With her elongated arm, she manages to hold chaos magician Willoughby Kipling against a wall and choke him out until he almost dies. It’s an impressive feat since Kipling has a record of escaping easily from the clutches of other heroes.

7/14 Victor “Vic” Stone (Cyborg)

Cyborg standing in front of a set of stairs in Doom Patrol.

Vic becomes disfigured due to injuries sustained from a chemical explosion so his father Silas takes him to S.T.A.R. Labs and infuses him with cybernetic enhancements. Having known The Chief for most of his life, he chooses to serve under him as a hero.

Man can never overpower ‘machine’ hence it isn’t surprising that Vic’s robotic parts grant him more strength than the average human. Evidence of his extreme strength can be found in a scene where he sends a robber flying 20 feet with just a simple kick. And to help him deal with more powerful villains is his cannon gun, which projects blasts that are powerful enough to knock anything out.

6/14 Crazy Jane

Crazy Jane dances away at a night club in Doom Patrol

Crazy Jane is recognized as the dominant personality of Kay Challis. Jane helps in maintaining a state of equilibrium in The Underground where Challis’ other personalities reside.

Nothing makes a hero more powerful than having a wide variety of abilities, and with so many personalities in one, nothing can stop Jane, When she wants to win in hand-to-hand combat, she can simply tap into Fit, who has been seen tossing around two able-bodied men and breaking their necks. Additionally, when she needs weapons, she can tap into Silver Tongue’s Ferrogenesis and create them. Jane’s range is undoubtedly what makes her one of the best characters in Doom Patrol.

5/14 Larry Trainor (Negative Man)

Negative Man stands in a carnival in Doom Patrol.

The former US Air Force pilot acquires his powers when he gets exposed to the Negative Spirit as part of the Immortus Initiative. The Chief then recovers him and mentors him.

Larry’s relationship with the Negative Spirit is similar to that of journalist Eddie Brock and the symbiote Venom. Most of the things the Negative Spirit does keep surprising Larry too. Thanks to it, he is able to withstand temperatures of up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit as well as exposure to all forms of nuclear energy.

4/14 Cliff Steele (Robotman)

Cliff Steele becomes the Robotman in Doom Patrol

Once a skilled NASCAR driver, Cliff accepts his fate after a car accident ruins most of his body parts. His brain is thus transferred into a robotic suit, and so he becomes a superhero under the Doom Patrol.

Over time, Cliff’s robotic physiology has been extremely advantageous to him. There is hardly anything he can’t lift or yank off, and this becomes evident when he lifts a section of a highway to block himself from attacks from Rita. Due to him being bigger in size, he beats Cyborg in sheer robustness. And even though he is powerful, he isn’t all about fights. He enjoys dancing too, something that qualifies him as one of TV’s most lovable robots.

3/14 Joshua Clay

Joshua Clay treats one of the older Doom Patrol members

The metahuman physician spends his days taking care of former heroes at The Manor. He can fire kinetic energy blasts, but he is normally reluctant to use his powers.

That Clay is economical with his powers isn’t a surprise since he is a down-to-earth man. Caulder once mentions that the physician’s kinetic energy blasts are the most effective on Earth, meaning he’d be a very effective superhero if he wanted to. Clay can withstand hard strikes too since he doesn’t even move when a brainwashed metahuman patient strikes him on the face.

2/14 Candlemaker

The Candlemaker faces off against the Doom Patrol members in Doom Patrol Season 2

The wish-granting deity is hellbent on turning the world into wax. Though he is forced into Dorothy Spinner’s body to torment her, she manages to turn him into an ally.

The Doom Patrol heroes always get the better of most villains, even after initially struggling. Unfortunately for them, Candlemaker has been unbeatable for most of the show and currently has the honor of being the only villain to defeat the entire crew. His only disadvantage is that he is bound to Dorothy, which is normally not a problem since she lets him out frequently.

1/14 Eric Morden (Mr. Nobody)

Eric Modern aka Mr. Nobody meets Niles in Doom Patrol

The former Brotherhood of Evil member has dedicated his life to ensuring that Niles Caulder and the Doom Patrol falls. He always fails to achieve that, but he never stops trying.

Morden’s Omniscience and ability to break the Fourth Wall are his most impressive powers. However, it is his vortex energy creation ability that often enables him to get the better of stronger criminals. Through it, he can not only teleport them to his dimensions but also blast them miles away so that they are no longer threats. And by warping reality, he is able to create much stronger versions of himself.

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