The 21 best pieces of workout equipment for exercising at home

If you’re looking to build yourself a gym at home, these are the must-have items you need

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Whether you’re looking to avoid paying for a gym membership, or you simply want to add some extra at-home steps to your current routine, there are thousands of great items to help you with your fitness goals.

Exercising at home can come with some limitations though, mostly in regards to space. With that in mind, all of the products featured in this article have been chosen with size and compactibility taken into account, so there’s no need to worry about them taking up too much room in your home.

1. This set of five resistance bands are a great low-cost alternative to dumbbells for muscle strength training and even comes with a handy carry bag. 

resistance band set

Promising review: “With these bands, you’re able to do bicep, tricep, back and shoulder workouts – they’re incredibly versatile. While they won’t give you the same level of burn as weights and dumbbells at the gym, I’m still able to do a complete workout and see impressive results. Given the versatility, the cheap cost, and the ease of use, these resistance bands offer a solid Gym alternative making them absolutely indispensable.” – hasty6

Get them on Amazon for £9.59

2. These adjustable dumbbells let you rapidly switch between weights from 2-24 kg while saving your home from becoming cluttered with multiple dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells

Promising review: “These are solid, well made, and extremely easy to use with the gearing mechanism proving very reliable. They’re also very compact and take up a minimal amount of room. The time you save in not interchanging weights does make your workout more streamlined and effective. Would strongly recommend!” – G W Baker

Get them from Amazon for £215.74

3. Or if you’re after more traditional dumbbells, these rubber hexagonal weights can be purchased individually and come in 20 different sizes.  

Rubber dumbbells

Promising review: “Great bit of kit; feels just like the dumbbells in the local gym that I use. I may buy another couple in the future. I would recommend them if you want some dumbbells for your home gym.” – B. Given

Get them from Amazon for £15.99 – £199.99

4. This dumbbell stand is perfect for storing all your weights in an orderly fashion.

Dumbbells stand

Promising review: “This is nice! Instead of being scattered about the floor, this rack holds my weight set and some medicine balls perfectly!” – steve_oakland

Get it on Amazon for £77.50

5. This workout log book is the perfect solution for creating new exercise plans while easily tracking your daily routine. 

Workout book

Promising review: “Really simple and easy to follow book. Allows the creation of workout plans for clients as the book is not super ‘personal’. Each workout can be written on a separate page. Lovely book. Lightweight, too.” – T. Saunders  

Get it from Amazon for £7.99

6. Not only does this pair of training gloves protect your hands from calluses while lifting, they also provide some much-needed wrist support. 

Gym gloves

Promising review: “Great value, they are comfortable and provide enough padding to suit me on pull days. High-quality microfiber and reinforced stitching. No pain anymore when I lift weights and they really protect my wrists too. Highly recommend.”  – Shawn zhang

Get them from Amazon for £13.99

7. This abdominal roller wheel is great for training your abs at home and even comes with a foam pad to protect your knees.

Ab wheel

Promising review: “I’ve used one of these at the gym and have to say that this is a sturdier version to the one that the gym has in place. The roller is easy to assemble and is robust once it has been assembled. The movement in the wheels is smooth and the grip is firm. Recommended to anyone wishing to train their abs/core.”  – InTheDark  

Get it from Amazon for £11.99

8. This soft kettlebell is weighted with sand, meaning that you’re at no risk of damaging the floor if you drop it too quickly. 


Promising review:  “Different from the more traditional hard type kettlebells this allows me to exercise with full confidence and it is a bit gentler on my floor if I accidentally drop it a bit too quickly or if I knock it with a knee while swinging it. The handle also allows me to have a firm and well-controlled grip and I feel that it’s a far better option to the hard type variety.” – Computer_lover  

Get it from Amazon for £33.00-£63.99

9. This Fitbit Charge 4 is an easy way to track your activity, heart rate, and more during your everyday routine.  


Promising review: “My first Fitbit and I’m obsessed. I’ve had it for four months now and love beating my step goals and I especially like the sleep tracker. I find the app easy to use and the device is accurate. I’ve moved more in the last 4 months because I’m tracking everything. I like the heart monitor and tracking my zones a lot too – really motivates me during workouts. I will likely be a Fitbit wearer for life now.” – Mel

Get it from Amazon for £99

10. This adjustable length skipping rope with tangle-free PVC-coated steel cable is a fun and effective way to tone muscle.

Weighted jump rope

Promising review: “At the beginning, I wasn’t sure whether this would meet my expectations but I got it anyway. It turns out to exceed all my expectations: comfortable handles, nice grip, the rope is strong and resistant yet light enough to just skip or speed jump. What I’ve found most useful is how easy it is to adjust the length, so if you train with someone else who’s a different height you can quickly change the length to take turns. To be honest, I can’t find any drawbacks. All in all, this is a great product.” – Daniel del Castillo

Get it from Amazon for £6.99

11. This aerobic step is great for incorporating into a full-body workout and can be adjusted to three different height levels. 

aerobic step

Promising review:  Promising review: “Really good quality, sturdy step. Spent ages looking at different ones and thought I’d need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality one, but read the reviews on this one and thought I’d give it a try. Really worthwhile purchase and amazing quality for the price!” – S. Murphy

Get it from Amazon for £29.99

12. This multi-purpose exercise mat protects your floor while cushioning your joints and preventing any unfortunate slips.

Exercise mat

Promising review: “After a bit of a disastrous experience with a cheap gym mat (which slowly began to disintegrate), I purchased one of these. Really happy with it. It’s nice, thick material, and after six months of relatively heavy usage (mostly cardio and stretches), it’s showing no signs of wear and tear.” – AJW

Get it on Amazon for £20.97

13. This adjustable weighted vest that comes in four different starting weights will add extra intensity to any workout routine. 

Weighted vest

Promising review: “Have been using it for a few months and suits my needs well. Weights are removable which is great to progressively increase the intensity of the workout or vice versa. Price is very reasonable for the quality and functionality. Definitely recommending!” – R5371

Get it from Amazon for £35.99-£74.99

14. This multi-purpose foldable bench can be used for weightlifting and a whole host of body workouts.

Workout bench

Promising review: “What a bench! Lightweight, very adjustable, sturdy & best of all…no assembly required. Definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a quality bench at a good price for a home gym.” – Mike G.

Get it from Amazon for £89.99

15. This exercise ball can be used to improve your core stability and even comes with a foot pump. 

Exercise ball

Promising review: “Exercise ball with multiple value plugs and removal tools AND a foot pump – brilliant. Does exactly what you need and has clear instructions on how to inflate and the sizes to inflate to. Can’t ask for more than that.” – Adrian J. Kerry  

Get it on Amazon for £12.99-£20.99

16. These push-up bar stands reduce pressure on your wrists while also allowing for a better range of motion. 

Push up bars

Promising review: “Love them! They are quite light and really solid at the same time as well as easy to assemble. Totally recommend.” – Harris  

Get them from Amazon for £12.97

17. This pull-up bar is adjustable and can safely fit most door frames without leaving a trace.

Pull up bar

Promising review:” Being a bit of a health and safety-conscious person I wasn’t keen on hanging from a bar that wasn’t screwed to the door frame. The way this has been designed is awesome. In fact, the more weight you put on it, the more secure it becomes. Great bar and wouldn’t buy anything else for this purpose.” –  Ploomy

Get it from Amazon for £39.99

18. This 2.2L water bottle guarantees that you’ll always stay hydrated during your workout and beyond. 

2L water bottle

Promising review: “Just a good water bottle that’s handy for my workouts and to make sure I get enough water. It’s leak-proof lid means I can throw it in my kit bag and not worry about everything getting wet or can carry it with the easy hold strapon.”  – Rob Parker

Get it from Amazon for £13.99

19. This medicine ball is perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes and comes available in weights of 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg.

Medicine ball

Promising review: “Exactly like the one I use at the gym, the same quality and feeling. This has been ideal and in light of UK lockdown 2.0. The price point is fantastic in comparison to similar items.” – Zafron Jones

Get it from Amazon for £21.19

20. This free-standing punching bag is equally good for power training and stress relief. 


Promising review: “Light to get to where you need it in the house (up two flights of stairs for me). Lots of bolts to hold the punching bag to the base so you can be sure you won’t break it no matter how hard you punch. The padding has good resistance and there’s a good swing to the bag which helps you get into a punching rhythm. Better than the swing of a normal punching bag.” – BnY

Get it from Amazon for £109.99 

21. And finally, this foam roller to help with pain relief after you’ve finished your workout. 

Foam roller

Promising review: ‘I’m new to foam rollers. I’ve had sports therapy for a back injury so understand the importance of sorting muscle knots. This is a very solid roller with two different textures. It does hurt but I feel better the next day. This roller is very tough – I’m not the lightest person but it holds my weight. Worth the money!” – R. Ford

Get it from Amazon for £10.99

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