The best 5G phone for £199

(Pocket-lint) – Shopping around for a new phone can be a pretty stressful experience, especially if you’ve decided that you want to jump aboard the 5G bandwagon. 

It can often feel like you have to spend a real bundle to get a good 5G phone – but don’t worry! Motorola is proving that’s not the case with its brilliant Moto G50 5G, which you can pick up now at Carphone Warehouse – here are a few reasons why it’s so impressive. 

Get that 5G speed

The upgrade when you move onto a 5G tariff on a phone that can actually use the new network is absolutely crazy – things you’re used to waiting for, like videos buffering or your music loading, happen almost instantly. 

So long as you’re in a 5G coverage area, you’ll be on the true bleeding edge of mobile connectivity. It means being able to do things on the fly, without having to download them beforehand, and if you’re into mobile gaming at all it’s a dream for minimising lag. The Moto G50 5G is the perfect way to get that 5G bonus without having to break the bank. 

Smooth as butter

If the internet speeds are incredibly fast, then, it makes sense to browse and enjoy them on a screen that’s similarly impressive. Most phones around this price point have to make sacrifices when it comes to their displays.

However, Motorola has outdone itself by managing to include a superb 90Hz display in the Moto G50 5G, which means that you can enjoy a supremely smooth experience as you use it to game or watch videos. A higher refresh rate display just makes everything about your smartphone feel more responsive, so it’s great to get one in such a reasonably-priced handset. 

Unbelievable cameras

In the same vein, one of the elements that often gets cut down when a phone is being aimed at a lower price bracket is its camera setup, robbing you of options as the user. Once again, Motorola has bucked the trend, though. 

Here you get a full triple-camera system that gives you all the flexibility you could want, with a 48MP main lens for your everyday shooting that gives great results, along with a depth sensor and a macro lens. These work together to ensure you get great bokeh blurring on your shots and make your photos really memorable. 

Top-class battery life 

Finally, though, we turn to an area where Motorola has been excelling for ages – battery life. Its phones have a deserved reputation for offering excellent battery performance even under pressure, and the Moto G50 5G is no exception.

It can muster up a stunning 54 hours of talk time – which is more than most phones can last on standby, so you should be able to easily get through two full days before you have to charge it back up. That translates to a level of peace of mind that you don’t get with many flagship handsets, let alone phones that cost less than £200. 

Those are just a few of the features that make the Moto G50 5G so impressive – the fact that you can pick it up from just £16.99 monthly from Carphone Warehouse almost beggars belief. Check it out for yourself now! 

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