The best days to go on a date in 2022, according to astrology

If you’ve let ‘date night’ slip recently, it seems there are a few specific days this year that might help you get things back on track.

Dating app Safer Date has teamed up with London-based psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman to explore the most romantic days in the calendar. 

So whether you’re single and looking for love or in a relationship and hoping to reignite that spark, there are a few ‘love days’ to take note of – with one in particular. 

It turns out specific dates are perfect for new beginnings while others are great for declarations of love – and some you should avoid completely. 

These are some of the best days to go on a date in 2022 – so take note.

Avoid Saturdays

While Saturdays are for relaxing and having fun, Inbaal stresses that they aren’t the go-to choice for dates.

However Fridays, named ‘Freya’s Day’ after the Norse Goddess of love, are thought to be traditionally great for date nights.

She says: ‘Saturdays are so wrong for dates: in a perfect world, I’d move Saturday to a weekday and have Fridays be the first day of the weekend. 

‘Named after Saturn for a planet in charge of maturity, responsibility, and karma, it’s a great day for a wedding, but awful for a date.’

Watch out for Mercury in retrograde

Along with Saturdays, Inbaal says to avoid dates on the days that Mercury is in retrograde.

This is because it tends to mess with communication – so messages might be delayed and conversations could be stilted when you meet.

She stresses the exact same two people could have one meeting where conversation flows, and only days later meet up to find out they have nothing left to say.

So mark the below dates in your diary.

In 2022, Inbaal Honigman says Mercury will be retrograde on the following dates:

  • September 9 – October 2

The good days

New and full moons are a great time to set your intent and manifest what you want from every opportunity.

So they are also the perfect opportunity to find love or take a relationship to a new level.

Inbaal explains that moon signs change every two to three days every month, and each new moon is in the same sign as the Sun at that time.

For example, the February new moon on the 1st is in Aquarius, and the March new moon on the 2nd is in Pisces.

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