The Best Gaming Routers 2021

There’s no strict definition for what a gaming router is, but you’ll probably know one when you see one by its aggressive angles and, often, a plethora of antennas. But aside from aesthetics, what makes a router a gaming router, let alone the best gaming router? In general, it’s down to higher-end hardware than budget offerings, including extra bands to handle more devices, and often a faster CPU to juggle an increased device load. 

Then there are usually gaming-centric features in the user interface to help prioritize gaming traffic and packets, and more granular controls for tweaking and streamlining your network performance for optimum to make sure it best serves your gaming needs. All this comes at a higher cost than most mainstream routers, but can make for a better gaming experience with less lag, especially if your home network and Internet bandwidth are split between several people and dozens of devices.

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