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The Best Songs on Grey’s Anatomy

Where would Grey’s Anatomy be without its iconic music tracks? Since it first came on the air way back in 2005, the team at Grey’s haven’t just been serving up top-notch drama for our favorite Seattle doctors! They’ve also found a real knack for choosing exactly the right songs to tug at your heartstrings for all of the show’s most memorable and emotional moments.

“I distinctly remember discussing how important it would be that the show’s music should be its own character,” said Alexandra Patsavas, the show’s music supervisor, in a 2017 post on Shondaland in celebration of the 300th episode of Grey’s. “This character would have a place in both the operating room and the break room. It would be there in elevators, bars, and homes. And, of course, it would be there for all THE BIG STUFF — for weddings and funerals, for births and deaths, for the grittiest moments and the most light-hearted.”

We definitely have to say that the Grey’s team have effortlessly incorporated this “character” into many of the show’s episodes! It’s impossible to imagine some of the show’s most memorable scenes without the iconic songs that accompanied them. Can you imagine Grey’s without “Chasing Cars” or “Keep Breathing” or “How to Save a Life”? We certainly can’t! After all, it’s these tracks that have made audiences feel all the feelings every episode, week after week.

Over the years, we’ve heard so many incredible songs on the show, from new artists and music legends to creative new covers of songs we already know and love. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few of the very best songs featured on Grey’s, but that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Keep reading to see which songs made the cut as some of the most memorable — is your favorite on the list?

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