The Best Weapons in Apex Legends (Season 9)

The weapons in Apex Legend have taken a few twists and turns in Season 9 and that means a new list of which weapons will make players Apex Champions.

Apex Legends has a new season out, and that means some new weapons have been added along with some tweaks to some current ones to change the weapon rankings. Each season has a few guns that reign supreme and Season 9 is no exception. During this season, a slight gun rotation occurred for players to have a bit of fun, giving a new dynamic to the Battle Royale, and now, the new Arena mode.

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The newest weapon to make an appearance is the Bocek, a bow and arrow combination that can do some heavy damage. Body shots with the Bocek hit for 70 damage points making this a silent killer. On another note, the Triple Take was removed from the regular rotation and is now part of the care package. The Peacekeeper has been removed from that same care package and is now a standard weapon out in the field. Even a few new attachments have appeared. The Deadeye’s Tempo and Shatter Caps have emerged, with the Tempo boosting the weapon’s fire rate and the Caps splitting the bullet or arrow when shot.

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Which Weapons Are The Best For Apex Legends Season 9

With the advent of the new Arena mode in Apex Legends, various weapons will work for either game mode. Players always have particular preferences of which weapons they feel most comfortable. In the end, players want to have these in their arsenal to come out on top no matter the battle.

  • Bocek: The Bocek is an absolute destroyer of worlds in the right hands. With high damage numbers, a fairly quick reload speed for a marksman-style weapon, and the ability to shoot multiple arrows with the Shatter Caps makes this one hard to beat out for the top spot.
  • Kraber: The Kraber is death incarnate with an almost one shot-kill and sights that give it the range and accuracy needed for any long-range encounter. Entire teams can get decimated in the blink of an eye, but it still requires a care drop to pick up.

  • R-301: Speed is the name of the game with the R-301. Plugging an entire clip in an unsuspecting enemy can happen very quickly if caught off guard. Its strengths are its stability, long-range capabilities with the single fire mode, and steadiness from any distance is a meta weapon for many players.
  • Volt: For an SMG, the Volt is the ideal choice for a medium-range weapon. It feels like an R-99 for damage and recoil but lacks the stability of the R-301, taking it from top-3 to top-5.
  • EVA 8: The EVA-8 is not quite the same without the Double Tap add-on, but it still can pack quite the wallop. It has a slight firing speed advantage versus the other shotguns, and it has excellent stability. Hip firing with the EVA-8 is exceptionally reliable, almost making it the preferred mode to use the gun.

  • R-99: The power to eliminate entire squads in a couple of clips is what gives the R-99 power. With stopping power and speed at its side, the R-99’s biggest drawback is still its magazine size.
  • M600 Spitfire: The Spitfire has surprised some players in Season 9 because it feels like a nerf never happened with it. It still has its vast magazine size and slow fire rate, but what keeps players coming back to it is the stability and power compared to most other guns.
  • Wingman: The go-to weapon for pros for a long time, the Wingman isn’t as popular as it used to be. This lack of popularity shouldn’t discount the Wingman from being a mighty gun that can quickly outpace any single fire weapon with a couple of well-placed headshots. It does demand a steady hand and the ability to take care of its recoil.

  • Flatline: As long as a change of sight is in the future, the Flatline is an excellent weapon for close combat and some medium-range encounters. The Flatline is ideal in Arenas due to the confined space and heavy damage.
  • G7 Scout: The G7 Scout is a surprising weapon with the ability to down an enemy in a few shots. If the Scout’s recoil gets managed, it’s easily a top choice for any player.

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Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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