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Dual monitors are ideal for making your work-from-home schedule more productive. With access to two screens, you can organize your workload and avoid constantly opening and closing tabs. In today’s Daily Digest, we present the top five dual monitors that remote workers will love.

Working from home can be a challenge sometimes, and you may find that you’re less productive. But there are strategies and accessories that can aid your work efficiency—such as dual monitors. By having two screens, you can multitask, copy, and paste much easier.

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We know that dual monitors take up more space than a single one, which is why we also provided links to must-have desks that are specifically designed for multiple monitors. So you can make your work-from-home life more enjoyable and productive. Explore our top picks below.

1. Designed for remote work and entertainment, the Samsung M7 features AirPlay 2 built in and smartphone mirroring.

The Samsung M7 allows you to improve your workflow by creating a wireless dual monitor setup with your MacBook or another device. Additionally, this monitor includes Remote Access features, so you can view and edit documents and even save them all on the cloud.

Purchase it for a reduced price of $349.99.

2. Enhance your productivity while you work with the SideTrak. It’s convenient and lightweight, making it great for remote work.

The SideTrak connects to your current laptop to provide another viewing screen while you work. Plus, weighing only 1.65 lbs, it’s lightweight and portable for taking on the go. In fact, you can pick your laptop up while the Portable Dual Monitor is attached and walk around the room with it.

Order this on Amazon for $314.99.

3. Extend your workspace with the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, and Nintendo Switch. It even works with Type-C phones.

Transform your work-from-home setup in an instant with the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro. This dual monitor connects to the back of your laptop with device-safe metal plates. Above all, it protects your eyes by featuring blue light filters, antiglare technology, and adjustable brightness. Slim and lightweight, it’s portable for taking on the go.

Purchase this on Amazon for $279.88.

4. The LG UltraWide 49-Inch Monitor is one of the best dual monitors. It provides a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5,120 by 1,440 resolution for high-quality images.

Get more done when you have the LG UltraWide 49-Inch Monitor. It allows you to view different sources right next to each other when using Picture-by-Picture mode. Furthermore, it provides crystal-clear image quality, so you can review spreadsheets and images with the utmost clarity.

Order this monitor on Amazon for $1,496.99.

5. The Mobile Pixels Trio is an attachable screen that’s compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook laptops.

Mobile Pixels Trio

Portable and energy saving, the Mobile Pixels Trio is great for a work-from-home setup. In fact, you can use it in coworking spaces, coffee shops, and more. Furthermore, it offers five modes, including full 270-degree rotation and 180-degree presentation mode. You can even slide it to either side of your laptop.

Purchase this dual monitor on Amazon for $269.

Desks for dual monitors

If you’re concerned about where to store your dual monitors, here are a couple of useful desks and shelves for organization in your home or workspace.

6. Organize your dual monitors with the Oakywood Desk Shelf. It boasts an ergonomic setup and space for 2 screens.

Store your screens on the Oakywood Desk Shelf. It offers a load capacity of up to 220 pounds, so it can support even a heavy screen. Moreover, this desk add-on features a cork layer on the steel legs to prevent any damage to your desk. Elegant and useful, this accessory provides ample space for your monitors.

Order this desk accessory for $179.

7. Practical and spacious, the Tangkula Dual-Monitor Standing Desk is great for a work-from-home setup with multiple screens.

Use the Tangkula Dual-Monitor Standing Desk to accommodate two displays. It can hold both a laptop and computer without taking up much room in your office. Furthermore, you can adjust the height from 5.7’’ to 19.7″, enabling it to match your height for maximum comfort.

Order this from Amazon for $159.99.

Make the most of remote working with an additional screen to keep everything you work on at hand. How do you remain productive at home? Share your tips and recommended gadgets in the comments.

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