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The Decadence Of Clive Christian Furniture Co. Bathrooms

Are you wanting to create an opulent bathroom? Well, look no further than the ultra-stylish Clive Christian Furniture Co

Clive Christian Heather Hungeling design Wentworth Place
Clive Christian Heather Hungeling design Wentworth Place

Having built a reputation on merging fine materials, traditional craftsmanship, and a thoroughly tailored design approach to surpass expectations, this company creates the best in British luxury interiors and has done for over 40 years. As they say, “the only limitation is your imagination”.

Clive Christian Copper Soaking Tub
Clive Christian Copper Soaking Tub. Interior Design Pan’s lodge – Photo Astrid Templier

The firm provides an array of glamorous design solutions to every room, needs, and client; for those looking to refurbish their bathroom, Clive Christian Furniture Co. offers gloriously decadent designs, that undoubtedly have a touch of the regal about them. After all, trends for spa-like experiences from the comfort of your home are on the increase, and combining both function and form, these beautifully designed bathroom spaces allow their inhabitants to enjoy and relax in their surroundings. 

Clive Christian Metro Deco Bathroom
Clive Christian Metro Deco Bathroom

All of the Clive Christians Furniture Co. bathrooms are crafted to meticulous detail in England, with a whole host of storage and display solutions to stylishly house all your lotions and potions, and importantly, ensuring everything has its own rightful place. 

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