The Ford GT40 Is Going Electric Thanks To Everrati And Superformance

If you ever wanted a classic car that you plug in next to a Model 3 while you no-look lock it as the automatic doors welcome you into Whole Foods as everyone looks on with mild interest, British Electric upfitter Everrati has the fix for you; The company has begun development on an electric replica of the legendary Ferrari eater itself, the Ford GT40, that replaces the drivetrain with an all electric set up.

The company has begun development of the first version of this electric classic, saying it won’t be a Tesla with a Ford GT40 body slapped on top of it, but a  “custom-designed electric power unit and battery system” that will be designed to mimic the weight distribution and overall performance of the gas powered original.

Ford GT GT40 Mk I Imola Monza Paul Ricard Circuit

Electric Ford GT40 Replicas: Coming Soon

Everrati will be partnering with renown builder Superformance, maker of licensed replicas of racing classics including the Shelby Cobra, C2 Corvette Grand Sport, the aforementioned Ford GT40 and more. And the more in that sentence is important because the partnership goes beyond the GT40 conversion.

The pair plans on building a line of electric classics with Everrati describing the GT40 as “first new model from the partnership.” which means electric Daytona’s may be well on their way. But if you’re the kind of person who sees no replacement for displacement(even if the replacement is electric), don’t fret! Superformance will continue building its regular line of V8 powered GT car replicas.

Granted, the visceral nature of any Ford GT40 replica is one of the big draws to the product, so we’re not sure if this vehicle will have as broad of an appeal as replicas closer to the original formula. Pricing is also undisclosed. But considering Everrati’s electric conversion of the 964 generation Porsche 911 starts at £200,000 ($275,740 USD at the time of this writing), buyers can expect to pay a pretty penny to lose the V8.

As the industry continues its mandated push towards solely electric vehicles, it only makes sense the classic car scene would follow suit. Which means we should get used to hearing nothing but road noise as an electric Ford GT40 replica passes us by, instead of the roar of 8 pistons moving in time.

Everrati Ford GT40 Electric EV Replica Superformance
Image via Everrati

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