The Ford Maverick Is Getting Its Own Marketing Slogan

The Ford Maverick pickup truck continues to shine as practical solution in a time when trucks are getting objectively too big, gas is getting absurdly expensive, and inflation has squeezed the market. Go figure, the mighty Maverick community has caught the devout attention of Ford Motor Company itself, and it seems that more Maverick magnification will continue. The automaker recently trademarked the slogan “Make it with Maverick,” which could point to an expanded use of the phrase. Ford is already using the phrase on the Maverick’s official web page, but it’s likely to spread beyond that.

The trademark was filed on November 15, 2021, as a standard character mark and has been accepted by the office and is now live. Given that the Ford Maverick has been an enormous success for the company, with well over 100,000 reservations made, extra marketing will surely boost the high demand for the tiny truck as more people become aware of its existence and what it has on offer. Plus, “Make it with Maverick” will hopefully be catchy enough to stick with potential customers.

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Ford Maverick: A Popular Tiny Truck

The sales results for the Ford Maverick in the first quarter of 2022 have it ranked in fourth place with a group of larger midsize trucks. Compared to the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Honda Ridgeline, the Maverick has more than double their combined sales. Moreover, the Ford Maverick is even surpassing its slightly bigger brother. The Ford Ranger was behind the tiny truck by around 1,600 units.

The Maverick has a lot going for it, with its high payload capacity and overall fuel consumption. The little truck has achieved a remarkable 600 miles of range on a single tank of gas while utilizing the standard 2.5L hybrid engine, which is about 44 MPG on average. If having AWD is more to your liking, add a few mods, and you can make your next trip to the gas station a bit further, as we’ve seen 39 MPG in souped-up trucks. The Ford Maverick is highly versatile and could be a perfect work truck. Its lower price tag doesn’t hurt either.

2022 Ford Maverick Max Payload FlexBed
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