The Fourth Dodge Last Call Teaser Features… A Jackhammer?

2023 is shaping up to be a bittersweet year; on one hand, we have a ton of hype surrounding the release of the mysterious final Dodge Last Call special edition model, which is shaping up to be a legendary machine. On the other, it’s the final year where the legendary Hemi will be placed under the hood of Dodge muscle cars. That said, we are getting another teaser for the campaign leading up to the debut on March 20, which is this coming Monday.

Dodge Last Call Teaser 4: Details

The latest video shows the mutated leprechaun from earlier clips wielding a jackhammer and pounding away at golden orbs. The camera pans around to show the display on the jackhammer, which shows “2,538 PSI,” and we can also see a V8 engine inside of it. Of course, that might be overkill for mining gold since it isn’t exactly a hard metal. But what does this mean? As always, it’s not exactly clear what Dodge is getting at with their teasers, but some commenters on YouTube speculate that the figure could refer to the fuel pressure or cylinder pressure. Others believe, in a more likely scenario, that the number alludes to 25.38 psi of boost from the supercharger.

Dodge Last Call Logo

Dodge says the teaser hints at the “model’s ability to harness and unleash mind-boggling horsepower.” The company has been doing a great job keeping the teaser campaign vague. The previous one, titled “Scream @ 215 mph,” seemed to hint at the model’s top speed and included figures such as 105, 3.012, 2.98, and 1,582, which meant… nothing obvious. Before that, the teaser “Density Matters” showed the mutated leprechaun weighing 7.1 pounds more than the regular one, and once again, the meaning remained elusive. Finally, the first full teaser, “Runnin’ Hyde,” shows the mutation of an average leprechaun via an IV containing a golden liquid.

There’s one more teaser video coming for the final Dodge Last Call model before the reveal. On March 17, we’ll get one more piece of the puzzle that will likely be just as confusing as all the previous ones, but at least they’re cool.

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