The greatest Microsoft Surface Duo deal is back with a bang and better than ever

First showcased back in the fall of 2019 and commercially released a whole year later, the decidedly experimental and almost universally derided Surface Duo is no longer available from many major US retailers, carriers, or Microsoft itself.

Owned by Amazon, Woot has basically become the go-to seller of the dual-screen Android handset over the last few months for folks willing to ignore its obvious and enduring shortcomings at the right price. The e-tailer that has quite a reputation of selling the most popular products at the heftiest possible discounts is somehow able to find enough first-gen Surface Duo inventory to regularly come back to essentially the same deals and gradually make them slightly better.

The latest such promotion is technically scheduled to last until Tuesday, December 13, adding a few bucks to the already colossal discounts previously offered about a month ago just in time for Christmas. At only $269.99 and up, it’s hard to resist the undeniably eye-catching phone with an impressive 8.1 inches of screen real estate, let alone mock its inherently flawed software and modest 11MP single camera.
Incredibly enough, these are brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged units fetching a measly 270 bucks a pop with a full 1-year Microsoft warranty included in a 128GB storage configuration, and the same goes for the 256 gig variant sold at a very enticing $299.99 of its own.

If this hot new deal feels a little too good to be true, it’s important to point out that Woot shoppers will need to take their ultra-affordable Surface Duos to AT&T for US carrier activation. If that sounds like a complete dealbreaker, you can always order the device in an unlocked 128GB model from Adorama via Amazon at a slightly higher price of $314.99.

The OG Surface Duo runs Android 12L on the software side of things after originally debuting on “normal” Android 10 while packing an outdated Snapdragon 855 processor that should still be plenty powerful for the sub-$300 price bracket. 

Of course, the aforementioned 8.1-inch display is undoubtedly the key selling point, rocking a super-flexible and surprisingly robust hinge that allows users to reduce the screen real estate to 5.6 inches depending on their specific needs in different environments and for different tasks.

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