The InWin 309 Gaming Edition Allows You To Play 2D Games On Its Front Panel

InWin recently announced the InWin 309 Gaming Edition PC case, which has some fantastic features, including the large tempered glass side panel, a wide array for front IO, and the front panel has an LED array. The front panel’s LED allows you to play 2D games on it, offering a unique twist to the classic PC case LEDs. InWin has yet to announce any information regarding the price or when this PC case will be available for purchase.

The InWin 309 Gaming Edition PC case offers some unique features, including a noise-reactive chicken/giraffe

The InWin 309 Gaming Edition PC case has some fantastic compatibility for high-end gaming components. The internal compartment can support a 360 mm radiator, standard ATX motherboard, and a CPU heatsink with a height of up to 160 mm.

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Source: InWin

This case is incredibly versatile for cooling, allowing up to seven 120 mm fans to be mounted. The top panel can support up to three fans, the bottom panel can also support three fans, and the rear can have a single fan mounted to act as an exhaust. This case comes with four InWin Saturn ASN120 fans, allowing you to choose the perfect configuration for your gaming setup easily.

For storage, this case can support two HDDs or two 2.5″ SSDs, and this allows for a good amount of storage to easily be installed inside this case. In addition to these two storage mounting locations, this case can support a power supply length of up to 200 mm and a graphics card maximum length of 350 mm.

One of the standout features of this case is the LED array located on the front panel. This LED array has some uniquely amazing features, including the ability to host a virtual chicken or giraffe that reacts to noise. Too much noise may make these animals go crazy!

The LED array in the front panel even allows you to play games on it, and these games include MAGI JUMP, 309 RACING, and BLOX. The case comes with an exclusive controller that features a classic design and user-friendly buttons to play these games.

InWin has yet to announce any pricing information for the InWin 309 Gaming Edition PC case or when this case will be available for purchase.

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