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The Most-Read Home Design Stories of 2021

The Most-Read Home Design Stories of 2021 | Realtor Magazine

Just how important is the bathtub for resale? From home cosmetic enhancements to spotting serious foundation defects, find what’s creating all the buzz in home design over the past year. The following are the most-read articles in home design at REALTOR® Magazine.

Guide to Residential Styles

Can you tell a Cape Cod from a Bungalow? Check out REALTOR® Magazine’s breakdown of common house styles. Learn to highlight the details that give a home character, history, and romance.

Just How Important Is a Bathtub for Resale?

It’s long been believed that every home needs at least one bathtub to attract the widest group of buyers. But with increased interest in big, well-equipped, walk-in showers, does a tub really matter that much?

A Myriad of Home Trends to Gain Momentum in 2021

As homeowners continue to stay in, avoiding the latest spikes in coronavirus numbers, many seek new ways to improve their abode’s function, aesthetics, fun.

7 Fixes to Avoid Major Foundation Problems

Water can damage a foundation in countless ways, so homeowners should look to experts for the dos and don’ts.

9 Decor Trends That Are In and Out

Find out what’s attracting buyers’ eye in 2021, and what looks have grown outdated.

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