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The New C SEED 165″ 4K Television Self-Folds Away In Seconds And Costs $400,000

What is better than having a brand new 165” inch television? The answer is, one that can fold up and put itself away in seconds. If you think you read that wrong, you did not. Designer Stefan Pani and the rest of the team at C SEED, leaders in pioneering the folding screens, are excited to announce the release of the M1 4K 165 Inch TV. The completely new visual setup features an Adaptive Gap Calibration system, which is an automatic distance measuring and calibration system that creates totally seamless foldable 4K/8K surfaces, free from any visible gaps. Every C SEED M1 comes with onboard 2.1 high-end audio for total quality sound to match the screen´s unparalleled visual quality, with the sound-bar organically integrated into the frame design. The blend of premium audio output and C SPEED’s MicroLED Technology allows for the best at-home viewing experience possible. At the push of a button, the floor opens and within seconds, a sleek column of machined aluminum rises silently from the ground, unfolding a 165inch screen of impressive size and settles down smoothly to provide you with an overwhelming entertainment experience. The C SEED M1 4K 165 Inch TV is currently available in four different finishes for the price of $400,000.

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