The new Cowboy 4 ST eBike features a step-through frame

eBikes are great for venturing around your home town and commuting without having the emissions of a car. Cowboy’s eBikes, designed in Belgium, provide exceptional performance in a lightweight, user-friendly design. Discover their latest two editions to their eBike collection in today’s blog.

Cowboy has launched two bikes within the 4 new series: C4 and C4 ST. The C4 is an upgraded version of the Cowboy 3 smart electric bike with 50% more torque. In particular, it features a docking station for your smartphone that takes center stage on your handlebars. All the while, the handlebars on the C4 and C4 ST are clutter-free without any dials and switches, or twist-grips. Additionally, these eBikes feature a powerful motor that’s virtually silent and faster than the previous model.

But our favorite of Cowboys’ new launch has to be the C4 ST, which boasts an aluminum step-through frame. Designed for riders between 5’2″ and 6’2″, this eBike is easier and quicker to get on. In fact, this new step-through frame allows you to jump on and off of the eBike when you’re parking up to run into a store for last-minute groceries or hopping off in a second when you arrive to work a couple of minutes late. Additionally, this step-through frame keeps you in an upright riding position for a more comfortable ride. Let’s explore what else the Cowboy 4 series offers.

Cowboy 3 smart eBike

What’s new about the Cowboy 4 series?

Both the C4 and C4 ST feature brake cables that seamlessly integrated into the handlebars, a diamond pattern on the handlebar grips and tire treads, new brakes and pedals, and enhanced details for an overall minimalist look. These latest eBikes will also a range of accessories, such as a rear rack and kickstand.

We mentioned previously that the eBikes feature a docking station for your smartphone. Let’s talk some more about this unique aspect. The eBikes’ cockpit integrates into the stem featuring a built-in Quad Lock mount. This mount securely holds your smartphone while you’re riding, allowing you to access notifications and follow routes once connected to the Cowboy app. The Cowboy app has also seen an upgrade with a new community feature to connect you with other Cowboy riders. The app also encourages you to work out by rewarding you with badges and achievements after each ride.

Most impressively, this docking station will wirelessly charge your phone, using the bike’s internal battery. Not only does this smartphone feature great for navigation, but it allows you to see the bike’s data at a glance, including battery range, tire air quality as well as live fitness stats.

Cowboy’s smartphone docking station

Overall, the C4 and C4 ST are available in three colors: Black, Khaki, and Sand. Both are available for pre-order on Cowboy’s official website and deliveries will commence in September.

What are your thoughts on this latest launch or do you have a preferred eBike brand that you’d rather stick to? Share your feedback in the comments.

Amy Poole is an Editor and Writer at Gadget Flow. When she’s not indulged in everything gadget-related, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Rosie, and keeping fit.

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