The Office: 10 Quotes About Friendship

The Office continues to be one of the most popular sitcoms even though it’s been off the air since 2013 and a lot of its lasting appeal is due to the life-long friendships and relationships built between the characters on the show.

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The Office was about people in and out of work and the bonds that they formed with their co-workers – whether it was Jim and Dwight slowly becoming friends, Andy reminiscing about his old Dunder Mifflin pals, Phyllis and Stanley’s consistent friendship, or Michael supporting his Dunder Mifflin family. There were several emotional, and at times, hilarious quotes about the friends the characters made along the way.

10 “I’m Still Just Thinking About My Old Pals, Only Now They’re The Ones I Made Here. I Wish There Was A Way To Know You’re In The Good Old Days Before You’ve Left Them.”

Ed Helms as Andy Bernard in The Office finale

This is an iconic Office quote from Andy in the finale and is all about friendship and remembering the good old days with your best friends fondly, but it also has a melancholic tone as he also misses the friends of his past.

Andy talks about how he’s finally landed his dream job at Cornell, but he finds himself missing his old friends at Dunder Mifflin. All he could think about while he was working at Dunder Mifflin was his old Cornell college days, and the sentiment from this quote about friendship and the passage of time is relatable.

9 “Office Administrator Pamela Beesly-Halpert Is My Best Friend. I’d Say I Have Gotten Along With My Subordinates.”

Pam Dwight and Jim in The Office finale

In the finale, Dwight has a great long quote about everyone he has worked with over the years from headbanging to Motörhead with Meredith to having Jim as his best man at his wedding.

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He ends the quote with saying that Pam is his best friend and he becomes emotional as he says of course he’s gotten along with them, even if they all had a bit of a rocky start at the beginning of the show.

8 “Everything I Have I Owe To This Job, This Stupid, Wonderful, Boring, Amazing Job.”

jim and dwight on top of a bus on the office

It’s clear from the beginning that Jim is usually indifferent and, at times, hates his job at Dunder Mifflin, but he’s content with the job because of how entertaining the people he works with are and he truly does become life-long friends with everyone working there.

This quote sums up Jim’s journey from starting as an ambivalent paper company employee to building a family of friends and also allowing him to find Pam.

7 “That Is Our Building. And We Sell Paper. I’m Really Proud Of You.”

michael at pam's art show in the office

Pam attempts to show her work at an art show and invites the entire office to the gallery. Most don’t show up and the few that do show up criticize her art when what she needed was kind words and support.

It’s a fan-favorite emotional scene when Michael shows up right before the show ends and Pam is ready to give up. Michael is genuinely blown away by her art and buys her watercolor of the Dunder Mifflin building to hang up outside of his office.

6 “‘What Happened? Did You Miss Your Bus?’ ‘No, I Just Missed My Wife.'”

Jim and Pam began the series as work best friends and their relationship blossomed into a fan-favorite romance and it all began with them genuinely enjoying each others’ company at work as friends.

The couple had some difficult times to get through after they were married but they stayed together in the end most likely because they still felt that initial love and affection when they were friends. When Jim is about to leave for Philadelphia he surprises Pam as he returns to the office, missing his bus, just to spend a little more time with her.

5 “I Feel Like All My Kids Grew up, And Then They Married Each Other. It’s Every Parent’s Dream.”

Michael Scott in The Office finale

Michael was known for his emotional quotes throughout the series and sometimes they were genuinely sweet, like at Pam’s art show, and then there were lines like this where the sentiment is still there if the audience can look past the way he phrases it.

Michael returns for Dwight and Angela’s wedding in the finale and is so overfilled with joy to be back with his old Dunder Mifflin family that he says this line about being so proud of his former employees and friends, and the way they’ve all grown.

4 “It Is Something I Wouldn’t Wish On My Worst Enemy. And That Includes You.”

The Office Dwight and Jim

Jim and Dwight have an iconic moment in their friendship when Dwight goes out in the hallway and cries after finding out Angela has moved on to a new relationship after their breakup.

Jim knows about their former secret relationship and goes into the hallway to comfort Dwight and provide some empathetic words of advice. He tells Dwight that he suffered through a similar issue with Pam and he decided to run away from it. Jim says that it hurt so much that he would never wish it on someone else, and tries to joke about how he wouldn’t even wish it on his “worst enemy” Dwight.

3 “I Miss Dwight. Congratulations Universe, You Win.”

Jim and Dwight in The Office series finale

Jim and Dwight surprisingly became good friends throughout the series even though they would still annoy each other in the show, it was clear that they truly cared and created a life-long friendship.

Jim is shocked that he actually misses Dwight when he leaves the office. He does an interview and delivers this line to the camera finally admitting that he and Dwight are actually friends and no longer enemies like they were at the beginning of the series.

2 “It’s Gonna Be Perfect. The Only People That Need To Be There Are You And Me.”

Dwight and Angela had a difficult time keeping their friendship alive throughout the show as they began a secret romantic relationship early in the series. Despite being in an on-again-off-again relationship, it was clear to all that they still consistently cared about each other even if they were going through a difficult time.

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The two eventually got married but had an even more difficult time getting to the altar for their wedding in the finale of the series. Angela says this line, saying that their wedding day only needs to be the two of them because that’s all that matters.

1 “Lots Of People Think That Stanley Hudson’s A Mean Old Grump. But Would A Grump Make This? It’s Me.”

Stanley's gift to Phyllis in The Office finale

Stanley and Phyllis were seemingly best friends and desk mates throughout the entire series as they always seemed to be on the same page whenever anything in the office happened.

Their friendship was a constant in the background of the show and in the finale there’s an incredibly sweet moment when Phyllis talks about their friendship and she’s brought to tears. She says everyone sees Stanley as a grumpy and angry person, but she has always seen through it, and the gift he gives her proves it.

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