The OnePlus Buds Pro are unconventionally confirmed for a July 22 launch

The OnePlus Buds Pro are unconventionally confirmed for a July 22 launch

Despite already unveiling two different Nord-branded smartphones so far this year, we’ve long expected OnePlus to roll out a third mid-end model roughly 12 months after the release of the very first member of the budget-friendly handset family. 

What we had no idea about until just now is that a second product will see daylight two weeks from yesterday. This sounds pretty exciting too, so it’s definitely a little surprising that no one has been able to see the OnePlus Buds Pro coming.
Judging from that very predictable and not-at-all-vague name, the company’s third-ever true wireless earbuds will aim to improve on the features and overall performance of the first OnePlus-made AirPods alternatives.
If you’re curious to see hear the presumably high-end OnePlus Buds Pro in action, you have until July 17 to apply for a “Lab Reviewer” spot and thus get the chance to check out these bad boys before anyone else can buy them.
As original a way to reveal its next big AirPods rivals (even by its own incredibly unconventional standards), OnePlus has yet to confirm a single other Buds Pro detail, leaving us trying to guess their key specs and selling points.
If the AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, and other Pro-branded earbuds around are any indication, the OnePlus Buds Pro should come with state-of-the-art active noise cancellation technology in tow at an undoubtedly higher price than the $79 MSRP of the “regular” OnePlus Buds unveiled almost one year ago.

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