The Original IceBreaker Pro cocktail shaker sleeve creates tastier drinks in less time » Gadget Flow

Create summer-ready homemade cocktails all year long with The Original IceBreaker Pro cocktail shaker sleeve. This food-grade stainless steel insert revolutionizes the shaking action in virtually any cocktail shaker with a capacity of 18–28 ounces. As a result, this innovative mixology tool marries the flavors of your drinks while mellowing the alcohol and heavy fruit flavors for a smoother, more pleasurable, and consistently chilled beverage. Above all, it’s a convenient and quick alternative to using a blender or muddler for dry shaking, muddling, micro-blending, aerating, foaming, and even whipping. Overall, it was invented and inspired by bartenders who enjoy the artistry of creating craft cocktails. So if you’re looking for an easy way to shake up your drink menu, this is the bar tool for you!

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