The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Ranking Each Past Housewife

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is going in its 11th season. Among the group of seven women, only one of them has been a part of the series since season one and is the new Queen Bee now that Lisa Vanderpump is out of the picture: Kyle Richards. With Denise Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave no longer a part of the group and being rumored as the worst Beverly Hills Housewives, fans can’t help but think back to former Housewives that once held a diamond.

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Over the course of 11 seasons, there have been 19 different housewives, all bringing their own spectacular drama. While some lasted for a short season, others held tight long enough to be a fan favorite.

Updated on July 15th, 2021, by Lynn Gibbs: Season 11 of RHOBH has started with a bang, adding Crystal Minkoff as the newest Housewife and Kathy Hilton as a friend of the series. And as great as those two additions are, fans can’t help but look back and look at who the best Housewife of Beverly Hills was, or even who the most hated Housewife of Beverly Hills was. With so many entertaining ladies strolling the streets of Beverly Hills, not every Housewife made a lasting impression on the audience. 

11 Kathryn Edwards (Season 6 – 2015)

Kathryn Edwards on rhobh

Kathryn Edwards joined the women of Beverly Hills for one season in season 6. Viewers saw her relationship with her husband and former NFL player, Donnie Edwards. One of her bigger storylines was her argument with RHOBH friend, Faye Resnick, who wasn’t seen as the most likable member of the group, according to Edwards.

After the murder of model Nicole Brown and the involvement of OJ Simpson, Faye wrote a book about the ordeal and dropped Kathryn Edwards’ name, even though the two didn’t know each other. In the end, Edwards decided she enjoyed her privacy more than the fame and didn’t re-sign for a second season. Sadly, some fans view Kathryn as one of the worst Housewives of Beverly Hills

10 Carlton Gebbia (Season 4 – 2013)

Carlton Gebbia on rhobh

Carlton Gebbia was a highly intelligent woman who joined the cast in season 4. Her time on the show was short-lived but she sure did cause some drama in the group, slowly becoming one of the most hated Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Carlton was a Wiccan and styled her home in a gothic way that raised eyebrows. She did not get along with Kyle Richards, however. In fact, according to Cheat Sheet, Kyle said in an interview that she tries not to remember season 4 because of Carlton.

9 Joyce Giraud de Ohoven (Season 4 – 2013)

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven on rhobh

Along with Carlton, Joyce Giraud de Ohoven is another Housewife from season 4 who didn’t last long. She was a married mother of two and former Miss Puerto Rico. And like some of the other ladies on this list, she also dabbled in acting.

During her short time, Joyce got into a few altercations with the villainous Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi, but she wasn’t dramatic or entertaining enough to keep her spot on the show. Fans barely remember Joyce and Carlton to have much of a say for their time on the show.

8 Adrienne Maloof (Seasons 1-3, 2010-2012)

Adrienne Maloof on rhobh

Adrienne Maloof was a real powerhouse. She had a strong presence on RHOBH because of how much she and her husband Paul Nassif had together. They were also neighbors with the Vanderpumps, which made for fun TV.

Adrienne was a cast member for three seasons before stepping away, but she still shows up over the years as a guest or a friend. Adrienne was more than a cast member because she was actually friends with these women outside of filming. According to Cheet Sheet, Adrienne quit the series because of a vile altercation with Brandi revolving around Adrienne’s children. Fans love seeing her pop up now and then though since she was an original member in season 1.

7 Taylor Armstrong (Seasons 1-3, 2010-2012)

taylor armstrong on rhobh

This Oklahoma native made hearts break as viewers watched her for three seasons. In season 1, Taylor introduced her life but it became evident by Kyle’s white party that Taylor’s marriage was in ruins. She wanted a partner and that’s not what she had.

When it came to the ladies, Taylor got along with everyone nicely except for Kim Richards, Camille, and Brandi. In fact, Taylor was a huge part of the Dinner Party from Hell. Fans wouldn’t mind a comeback from Taylor Armstrong to see an update on her life now that she’s in a new marriage and thriving.

6 Brandi Glanville (Seasons 2-5, 2012-2014)

Brandi Glanville on rhobh

Is Brandi Glanville one of the most hated Housewives of Beverly Hills? She’s been a part of the series since becoming a guest in the second season and is still popping up in storylines even though she’s not a main cast member anymore. Brandi was the villain of the series because she was always spilling the tea and insisting on her innocence in most situations. However, after drama after drama, Bravo fired her after season five.

According to Cafe MomAndy Cohen said that the ladies of Beverly Hills “hated” Brandi, and Brandi felt the same way about them, so it wasn’t a good mix. However, fans love to hate (and watch) Brandi. Especially with all of her jaw-dropping quotes against Denise Richards in season 10.

5 Kim Richards (Seasons 1-5, 2010-2014)

Kim Richards is another OG Housewife that fans loved to watch. Even after all these years, she’s not forgotten. As the sister of Kyle Richards, the two had a unique relationship filled with unconditional love and hatred. With Kim’s addiction issues, Kyle was emotionally drained and tired of helping her.

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Fans watched the sisters try to mend their relationship but other members of the cast kept getting involved. By season 6, Kim entered the series as a friend without the diamond. Radar Online noted that she was fired for her lack of communication behind the scenes with Bravo.

4 Eileen Davidson (Seasons 5-7, 2014-2016)

Eileen Davidson was one of the coolest Housewives on the show. What made Eileen special is that she was very open about her personal life. She showed viewers what it was like to be a soap opera star, but she was also incredibly raw about being married once before and having an affair with her current husband. She took control of the situation and laid it all out on the table, which fans respected.

Reality Blurb said that there were rumors made by Lisa Vanderpump that Davidson was fired but Eileen came back swinging and claimed she’s the one who left the show willingly. Nevertheless, fans would love a “now and then” episode showing former favorite Housewives and all of their most outrageous moments.

3 Yolanda Hadid (Seasons 3-6, 2012-2015)

yolanda hadid on rhobh

Yolanda Hadid was a prized choice as a Housewife. She got her start in season 3 and lasted until season 6 before leaving on her own terms. Through the years, fans saw Yolanda raised her supermodel children (Gigi and Bella Hadid), her marriage to famed musician David Foster, and her battle with Lyme disease.

In fact, it was her marriage to Foster and Lyme disease diagnosis that caused the most drama. There were certain Housewives who didn’t believe Yolanda was really sick. What’s worse is there were rumors and conspiracy that her sickness broke apart her marriage. Now that Yolanda is in a different place, it would be fun to have her back on the show.

2 Camille Grammer (Seasons 1-2, 2010-2011)

RHOBH’s Camille Grammer

Camille Grammer did not have a great reputation in season 1 of RHOBH. Due to her marriage to Camille Grammer falling apart, Camille wasn’t particularly nice to everyone. She got into heated arguments with just about everyone and said catty things during her confessional.

And while she left after season 2, she’s still a big part of the show and shows up to parties. She was even a guest in season 10 with newbie Garcelle as she battled and befriended Denise Richards. And even though Camille doesn’t have the best track record with friends, Housewife fans admit she’s one of their favorites.

1 Lisa Vanderpump (Seasons 1-9, 2010-2019)

Lisa Vanderpump was the queen of RHOBH when she was on the series for nine seasons. It was essentially her way and the highway. If the wives were close with Vanderpump, they were living the good life. But the minute they crossed her, trouble wasn’t far away.

Vanderpump’s credibility died out like a crashing star by season nine after her best friend and confidant realized Vanderpump was a master manipulator. When that friendship died, Vanderpump left the series. However, she’s far too entertaining for people to ignore, which is why her spinoff, Vanderpump Rules, did as well as it did.

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