The Samsung Galaxy Note is dead, long live the Samsung Galaxy N

(Pocket-lint) – The Samsung Galaxy Note family has certainly been a roller-coaster ride. It was Samsung’s flagship device that broke new ground, the Note Edge setting trends that everyone wanted to follow, the S Pen showing that a stylus could actually be part of a modern device.

It also helped popularise larger devices, dragging smartphones from fiddly little gadgets to beautiful slabs of consumption.  

It was also the device that Samsung recalled, totally recalled, after battery faults in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Wrap your head around it: Samsung pulled an entire product line – and it came back stronger in the Note 8, a device that’s just had the latest Android security update.

That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t want to die.

But rumours of the end of the Galaxy Note line won’t go away. With Samsung offering pretty much all the functions of the Note in its flagship Galaxy S devices, and more recently in the Galaxy Fold, the position of the Galaxy Note looks precarious.

So much so, that notorious leaker UniverseIce has highlighted that Samsung hasn’t renewed the trademark on Galaxy Note:

Could this possibly indicate that some 10 years after Samsung launched the first device at IFA 2011 that there will be no more? Does there even need to be any more Galaxy Note devices with a number of alternative from Samsung already in this space?

Previous rumours had said that there wouldn’t be a Note in 2021 and that’s indeed true. In March 2021 Samsung’s mobile CEO DJ Koh said that there would be no Note in 2021, but there would be a new model in 2022.

We asked Samsung for a comment on the most recent gossip above and got the response we expected: “We do not comment on rumour or speculation, and will share more details on our future portfolio once we are ready to announce.”

That really leaves us none the wiser. It looks like we’re going to have to wait until 2022 to find out what the truth really is.

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