The SoFlo Stallion By SoFlo Jeeps Transforms The Ford Bronco

Modifications have been coming from left and right as third parties get their hands on the Ford Bronco, and now it’s time for another added into the mix. And here’s another one from the traditionally Jeep camp. The SoFlo Stallion Bronco (not to be confused with the Quadratec Stallion 4×4) makes itself known as a jaw-dropping vehicle with an assortment of modifications that certainly make it stand out on and off the road.

SoFlo Stallion Ford Bronco: The Details

The SoFlo Stallion Ford Bronco features a 3.5-inch lift with a steering stabilizer to ensure drivers have complete control at high speeds and while off-roading. Fuel SJF 20-inch alloy bronze rims house 37-inch Patagonia tires, which are supposedly quiet for everyday driving (which means different things to different people, surely). Meanwhile, a custom fabricated steel front bumper has been added, which has been fabricated in-house and finished in black Kevlar. In addition, steel side steps have been added to make accessing the cab easier with the lift.

The interior of the vehicle features King Ranch marine-grade tan and dark brown leather seats. The dash and doors have also received the same treatment, and the entire interior is weather-resistant should you get caught in unexpected weather with the roof off.

SoFlo Stallion Ford Bronco

Speaking of the roof, it’s hard not to notice the piece that transforms the entire Ford Bronco into something very unique. The handcrafted solid fiberglass composite slant back top with solid plexiglass windows built into the vehicle’s sides and back. All together, it creates a truly unique and classy Bronco.

SoFlo Jeeps has created just one Stallion Ford Bronco, and it’s currently for sale on their website. Meanwhile, the Stallion top is being manufactured and sold for $9,250. But if you’re unable to get your hands on the SoFlo Stallion, they can build out customers’ existing Broncos as well.

SoFlo Stallion Ford Bronco

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