The Worst Thing Each Main Character Has Done

Manifest is an addictive sci-fi and supernatural drama airing on NBC with an intriguing premise. A flight goes missing, with all passengers presumed dead. But five years later, they show up as if nothing happened and are still the same age as they were when the plane supposedly went down.

Along with the strangeness of that situation, the returned passengers are also experiencing weird visions and hearing voices in their heads, which they refer to as Callings. When they follow these Callings, they discover that they often lead to someone being saved in some way. Despite the returned passengers’ desires to use their special powers for good, each of the main characters, including both Flight 828 passengers and others, have done some terrible things.

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Updated on September 2nd, 2021 by Matthew Rudoy: As the characters of Manifest tried to learn more about the Callings, the Death Date, and what really happened to Flight 828, many of them went down a darker path during the show’s second and third seasons. Some characters made honest mistakes while others, such as Angelina, chose to do reprehensible things in their desperation for survival and to uncover the truth. While fans celebrate Netflix making a 20-episode ending, it’s the perfect time to look back at the worst things the main characters have done. 

15 The Major: Kidnapped And Experimented On 828 Passengers

Manifest The Major

The Major served as the show’s primary antagonist in seasons 1 and 2. As a corrupt and ambitious individual, the Major looked for a way to weaponize the 828 passengers and their Callings. She abducted 11 passengers and conducted brutal experiments on them to unlock the secrets she wanted so desperately.

This is the worst thing the Major did, but was only the tip of the iceberg, as she also did things like pretending to be Saanvi’s therapist so she could learn Saanvi’s secrets and steal her research. The passengers’ lives were already hard enough after returning without the Major threatening their safety and sanity.

14 Dr. Gupta: Continued Testing At Eureka

Dr. Aria Gupta looking angrily at a blurred out Ben in the foreground on Manifest

Dr. Gupta was warned on numerous occasions that the testing at Eureka was having a dangerous effect on the 828 passengers and on the world around them. Despite things like the earthquakes happening in New York and Cal disappearing when he touched the 828 tailfin, she insisted that the testing continue.

She only relented when she saw Cal’s drawings and realized they were a message for her. It’s understandable that Dr. Gupta’s scientific thinking and her responsibilities as a government employee made her hellbent on testing, but her actions and her assurance that she was right caused harm and made Cal’s heartbreaking sacrifice necessary.

13 Robert Vance: Covered Up The Major’s Death

When Saanvi confided in Vance that she accidentally killed the Major, Vance helped her cover up the murder. Vance was trying to protect Saanvi and the rest of the 828 passengers. However, this did more harm to Saanvi in the end as she was consumed by guilt, misery, and isolation.

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Furthermore, her eyes began to bleed and her body became wracked with physical torment until she finally confessed the truth. Vance’s insistence that Saanvi hides the truth at all costs contributed to her suffering.

12 Eagan Tehrani: Broke Into Vance’s Home And Took His Son Hostage

Eagan from Manifest looking at someone, angrily.

Eagan and fellow 828 passenger Randall broke into Vance’s home to steal sensitive information that they hoped would expose the roles of Vance and Ben Stone in what Eagan believed to be a conspiracy. When they realized Vance’s son was there, Eagan and Randall took him hostage.

Eagan was better than Randall, who wanted to kill Vance’s son, but he still terrified Vance’s son and threatened his safety and home. Even when confronted by Jared and the police, he refused to back down until he was subdued and put under arrest. While Eagan genuinely wants to help the passengers, this is one of several examples where he was willing to go too far to get what he wanted.

11 Angelina Meyer: Killed Grace And Kidnapped Eden

Angelina from Manifest, staring, wide-eyed.

In one of the most shocking moments of the series, Angelina murdered Grace Stone and kidnapped the infant Eden Stone. Killing a mother and kidnapping her infant daughter is inherently horrific and unforgivable. It is even worse when considering that Grace took Angelina into her home, treated Angelina like her own daughter, and even trusted her with Eden.

Only after setting fire in a room that Eden was in did Grace kick Angelina out of the house. Angelina’s belief that Eden is an angel and that she is connected to her could never justify what she did to Grace and the entire Stone family.

10 Michaela Stone: Slept With Jared

This one is complicated because while technically Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) was still engaged to Jared who was clearly the love of her life, she had gone missing for five years and was presumed dead. During that time, Jared struck up a romance with her best friend, Lourdes, and they got married.

Michaela giving in to her feelings for Jared was not only wrong since it interfered with someone else’s relationship, but it also betraying her best friend. That said, it really was a complicated situation so it’s hard to fault Michaela too much, or Jared for that matter.

9 Ben Stone: Disobeyed Grace’s Wishes

On numerous occasions, Ben disobeyed Grace’s wishes. But most notably, he told the doctor to save her life when he had to choose between either her or the baby. But before that, she explicitly told him to choose the baby. In the end, he decided that their other two children needed her more so he was still technically making the right decision for a child, which is what she asked.

On another occasion, he also put Cal in harm’s way, leading to Grace kicking him out for a brief period. In the end, however, she realized it wasn’t really his fault and he was just doing what had to be done.

8 Grace Stone: Dumped Danny

Like many other situations from Manifest, this one was a really tough one. While Grace’s husband and son mysteriously reappeared after five years and the presumption of death, Grace was now in a serious relationship with someone else.

Danny not only understood Grace’s grief having lost his own spouse, but he stepped up and became a father to her daughter, Olive. Now that Ben was back, Grace didn’t exactly throw Danny to the curb but she still dumped him in the end. Again, it’s a really strange situation and it’s hard to fault her for sticking with her husband over anyone else. But poor Danny!

7 Jared Vasquez: Leaked Information

The audience learned that Jared was leaking information while working deep undercover. Still, he leaked the information to the members of a hate group that ended up putting Michaela, Ben, and other innocent people in serious danger.

He swept in and helped save the day on other occasions, including during a massive fire started by a Flight 828 supporter who felt they all needed to return to death. Perhaps his actions were all for the greater good. Nonetheless, it was a problematic move until Jared’s real motives were finally revealed.

6 Olive Stone: Joined a Cult

Olive felt totally left out. Her father and twin brother returned seemingly from the dead after five years, having not aged at all. They were getting these strange Callings she wasn’t a part of. Then her mother got pregnant and started having the Callings, too, leaving her as the only one in the family without any special ability.

She was looking to belong to something and when she came across Adrian’s cult, the Church of the Returned, she felt that maybe this could fill a void. But she soon learned it was a big mistake.

5 Cal Stone: Let Angelina Stay After She Endangered Eden

Cal sitting on an empty Flight 828

For a while, Angelina lived in the Stones’ home and they all treated her like family. She gradually began to betray their trust and crossed the line entirely when she intentionally set fire to a room that the infant Eden was in. Grace rightfully kicked Angelina out of the house after this.

Despite endangering his baby sister, Cal let Angelina stay in the house and hid her from his parents. Cal cared about Angelina and believed he, Eden, and Angelina shared a deep connection, but that didn’t justify keeping around someone who endangered his family. This didn’t make Cal responsible for Angelina’s villainous actions in season 3 of Manifest, but it arguably made Angelina believe that she had to do whatever was necessary to reunite with Eden because of their connection.

4 Saanvi Bahl: Lied About Accidentally Killing The Major

In her desperation to save Zeke, Saanvi accidentally killed the Major at the end of season 2. The Major was a ruthless and dangerous individual, but her death was an accident that Saanvi never intended.

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The worst thing about it was that Saanvi continually lied about what happened and didn’t even tell the truth to those closest to her who would’ve understood like Ben, Michaela, and Zeke. The Callings condemned her for refusing to own up to what she did, making her bleed at the eyes and suffer physically until she finally admitted the truth.

3 Zeke Landon: Hid Drugs (Maybe?)

Did Zeke hide drugs from Michaela? Did his ex hide them in his razor in hopes he would get caught? It’s unclear. If Michaela is to believe Zeke, he is 100% clean and sober and he did not take those drugs.

Nonetheless, the drugs, and letting his ex live with him and Michaela, was not the smartest move. He was showing compassion but he should have wiped his hands clean of her and that life long ago rather than allow Michaela to awkwardly take a stranger into her home.

2 Adrian: Started a Cult

Lost, confused, and viewing the callings much differently than the others, Adrian decided to capitalize on the affection many people had for passengers, believing they were gods. As a cult leader, he created the Church of the Returned where he preached as though they were saviors.

Adrian seems to truly believe what he’s preaching, and that they are agents of the apocalypse. Nonetheless, it’s wrong to manipulate people into believing something, especially when the preacher doesn’t understand the full scope of things themselves. He has essentially started a cult and it has resulted in some dire consequences.

1 Billy: Pretty Much Everything

Billy, one of the most outspoken members of an Anti-828ers group of people who believe the returned are all evil beings, has done more wrong than can be counted. He has attacked people, caused fires, harassed people, and generally been a bully to any passenger from Flight 828 or anyone associated with them.

While he was integral in Jared being able to infiltrate the group, he was and is also very dangerous himself and chances are the audience has yet to see the worst of what he can and will do.

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