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An alarm clock is essential for preventing you from oversleeping. Rejuvenate your bedside alarm clock with our selection of smart and sleek alarm clocks in today’s Daily Digest.

Most of us resort to our smartphones to set an alarm at night. But we all know that blue light can disturb your sleep, and picking up your phone leads to temptations that mean you end up falling asleep later. Limit distractions by investing in smart home alarm clocks. These make the perfect bedtime gadget for keeping your phone out of the bedroom while ensuring that you wake up on time.

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Smart home alarm clocks offer a plethora of features, too, such as relaxing soundscapes to help you drift off, a distraction-free interface that shares the time, weather, and more—and without access to social media channels. Discover the top alarm clocks to buy right now.

1. Play music, manage your calendar, and control your smart home devices with the Lenovo Smart Clock 2. It even has 3-watt speakers.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Lenovo Smart Clock 2 shows the time, weather, and more

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is like having a personal assistant by your bedside that means you can put down your smartphone while having information about the weather, traffic, and more at a glance. It features a vibrant, 4-inch touchscreen and built-in nightlight that reduces harsh lighting while you sleep.

This smart alarm is coming soon and will cost $106.42.

2. The Braun BC21 Wireless Charging Alarm Clock powers Qi-enabled devices with a non-slip wireless pad that keeps your phone out of sight and out of mind.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Braun’s smart clock has an auto-brightness display

Keep your smartphone powered through the night without having it in sight with the Braun BC21 Wireless Charging Alarm Clock. You can also choose customized brightness levels with this bedtime gadget. Finally, the crescendo beep alarm ensures that you never oversleep.

Order this gadget for $110.

3. Connect your IoT devices to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock to use this clock as a control center. It even turns off lights, switches on your air purifier, and more for plenty of convenience.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock responds to your voice

Customize the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock with 10 clock face designs and various colors to choose from. Best of all, you’ll receive various information at a glance, such as the weather, calendar reminders, and more. Furthermore, this smart clock even plays your favorite music to double up as a smart speaker.

Purchase this bedside gadget for $59.12. Its release date hasn’t yet been announced.

4. Bring back simplicity to the bedroom with the Lexon Flip+. This minimalist alarm clock has a touch sensor light and unique display.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Lexon Flip+ features a reversible display

Flip the Lexon Flip+ to switch up its design while still displaying the time clearly. In fact, you flip the clock to the “off” side to deactivate the alarm. And switch to the “on” side to set it again for the following day. Furthermore, it’s available in 12 colors for a design that suits you.

Buy this smart clock for $39.90.

5. Wake up feeling more refreshed with Loftie. This smart alarm clock encourages you to keep your smartphone out of the bedroom.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Loftie is also a Bluetooth speaker

Loftie has all the features you need for bedtime. This includes an easy-to-set alarm that means you don’t have to use your smartphone every night and be tempted by social media apps. Additionally, it plays stories and soundscapes to help you fall asleep, and the sleep timer gradually fades audio.

Order this smart alarm clock for $149.

6. Hatch Restore creates a relaxing mood in your home with a range of sounds and lighting settings to help you fall asleep.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Hatch Restore combines a meditation app, smart light, and more

Wind-down with Hatch Restore. This smart alarm clock eliminates bright hues, so you can use it as a reading lamp. And it mimics a sunrise in the morning, so you can awake naturally rather than with a loud alarm. Overall, it prepares your mind and body to sleep.

Snap up this smart light and alarm clock for $129.99.

7. Choose from 10 different sounds and 15 individual alarms with the Anker Soundcore Wakey. This smart alarm clock also plays ambient sounds to help you drift off when you’re feeling anxious.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
Anker Soundcore Wakey has a built-in charger

Get to sleep peacefully when you have the Anker Soundcore Wakey. Connect your smartphone to this bedtime gadget to play music or choose from the included relaxing soundscape to help you fall asleep. Moreover, the LED display automatically fades in low light to avoid disturbances.

Order this Bluetooth alarm clock for $89.99.

8. The Hammacher Schlemmer UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock features 12 powerful UV-C LEDs that kill bacteria on devices within 3 minutes.

These smart home alarm clocks will help you stop sleeping in too late
UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock kills 99% of surface bacteria 

Finally, the Hammacher Schlemmer UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock includes dual alarms, a snooze function, and an auto dimmer to help you feel rested and awake naturally. Furthermore, it even sterilizes an array of items, including a smartphone, glasses, brushes, jewelry, and more.

Order this gadget for a discounted price of $49.95.

Get more shut-eye and wake feeling more restful with these smart home alarm clocks. Do you have a bedtime routine or gadget that relaxes you? Share your secrets in the comments.

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