Thieves Hit Internet Cafe and Make Off With GPU Stash

Things couldn’t be worse for enthusiasts looking to score one of the best graphics cards, but it appears that bandits in China have taken matters into their own hands. Chinese news outlet 浙样红TV has reported that thieves have stolen over $7,000 worth of high-end graphics cards from an Internet cafe in the city of Hangzhou. The police haven’t been identified the band of robbers.

The Internet cafe owner claims that the bandits escaped with six high-end graphics cards. Although he didn’t specify the exact model, he told the police that each stolen graphics card was worth around 7,000 yuan ($1,094). However, he estimates a total loss of 50,000 yuan ($7,812). From what we can see from the video, the thieves may have also made off with the motherboards, which explains the total stolen value.

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