This Chassis Loves Airflow, Style, and Gundam Robots

Asian case maker Zeaginal has released a new ZC-03M chassis with a full Gundam theme for lovers of the sci-fi franchise (via Cowcotland). The case supports up to Micro-ATX motherboards and features a tempered glass side panel, along with plenty of mounting options for radiators.

Aesthetically the case has the same red, white, and blue color combinations that so many other Gundam-themed graphics cards and motherboards have used in the past. The front panel and some of the mounting points for fans/radiators are coated in blue. Meanwhile, the chassis frame is decked out in pure white, with the top and bottom ventilation areas colored in red.


(Image credit: Cowcotland)

The chassis gets most of its airflow from either the top or bottom of the case. Depending on the fan configuration, you can run the fans as intakes on the top or bottom. Also, cutouts on the sides of the tempered glass panel allow even more airflow to pass through the chassis, though we don’t see any air filters present. 

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