This Ford Maverick Has A Custom Slide In Camper Fit For Overlanding

The Ford Maverick is the newest truck, and with its popularity, people are bound to use it for camping and other adventures this summer. Although obtaining one at the moment is challenging, Ford had to pause orders for the 2022 model earlier this year. People lucky enough to own one are already working on modifying the pickup to suit their needs. Justin has decided to fit his 2022 Maverick First Edition with a custom-built slide-in camper with a pop-up roof tent.

Ford Maverick With Slide-In Camper: Details

The video posted by Justin on Youtube shows off the homemade build, which features many amenities one would want in a simple slide-in camper. Of course, space is limited with the Maverick’s bed, but that wasn’t going to stop Justin. There’s still plenty of room for a fridge, a sink, a portable toilet, a stove, and an eight-foot-long bed. The camper is also equipped with 400 watts of solar, a 100 amp-hour lithium battery bank, a 14-gallon stainless steel water tank, and a 3-gallon water heater.

Ford Maverick With Custom Slide In Camper

As Motor1 pointed out, page 253 of the Maverick’s owner’s manual recommends that owners don’t install a slide-in camper, but it doesn’t explicitly say not to either. Maybe when/if an HVAC system for the bed debuts that will change. Since the Ford Maverick is still new and the aftermarket is still developing products for the truck. Justin custom built this camper from aluminum, laser cutting the pieces before TIG welding them together. Lastly, he applied a powder coating. On top of the custom camper is a pop-up tent for, you guessed it, sleeping.

The entire camper setup without the gear weighs 700 pounds which is well below the Maverick’s 1,500 lbs payload capacity. The Ford Maverick has also been lifted 2 inches with BF Goodrich tires on all four corners. Altogether, the Maverick has 22 MPG, which is suitable for a truck, but well below the EPA’s 29 MPG rating. But we think this build is worth the sacrifice.

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