This Garage Has Two Chevrolet Colorado Concept Performance Trucks

While performance trucks and SUVs appear to be enjoying a golden age in what is now the 2020s, the folks at General Motors during the Bob Lutz Era seemed to be playing with the idea of a performance truck portfolio back in the early- and mid-2000s. The proof of which can still be found in the 101 Motors showroom in Arizona, where TFL Truck got a first hand look. The first is the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 4×4 concept truck that toured the auto show circuit in 2005, and the second is Chevrolet Colorado SS Concept built for the 2004 SEMA Show. The first previewed the Hummer H3T at the time, and the other a little brother to the Chevrolet Silverado SS performance truck.

Chevrolet Colorado Concept Trucks Foreshadowed The Future

The V8 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 4×4 Concept truck combines production running gear with futuristic looks. According to TFL, the concept’s suspension has many parts in common with the Hummer H3T. Meanwhile, under the hood is a production-based 5.3L V8, which made it in the Hummer H3T Alpha. And although it’s an off-road concept, it’s riding on street-friendly 20-inch wheels. Lastly, the one-of-one concept features massive tow hooks located at the bottom of the front bumper, which could be hard to miss given their coloring paired with the rest of the truck.

While this V8-powered Chevrolet Colorado Z71 4×4 concept morphed behind the scenes to eventually become the Hummer H3T, things eventually boomeranged back to the bowtie brand in 2014 with the debut of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 concept. By 2017 – some 12 years later since the 2005 concept – the Colorado ZR2 was in production. The behemoth moves slowly, as they say.


The second concept truck stashed away in the back of the 101 Motors showroom is a 2004 Chevrolet Colorado SS Concept painted in a deep reddish maroon color for the SEMA Show. The color itself looks like a dark brown unless the light hits the paint, then the actual color starts to shine, and it’s quite beautiful.

The concept itself seems to ride quite low to the ground for improved handling, and appears to features 20-inch wheels. Under the hood is a plug-and-play drivetrain as a Corvette. Although hard to see in the video, the interior looks like it has a black with red color scheme. Also along this time was when GM was first looking to supercharge the Cadillac Escalade, which took way too long to finally get the green light.

2004 Chevrolet Colorado SS Concept Truck

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