This Hypercar Is Actually The Fordzilla P1 Racing Sim

Web3 is all the rage right now. Building metaverses, creating avatars, and launching new currencies has both ambitious futurists and huckster zoomers keeping busy alike. Continuing to blur the line between real and virtual, the Fordzilla P1 full scale prototype was unveiled earlier this year at Gamescom 2021. Except, the Fordzilla hypercar is not for the actual road. Instead, it is a machine dedicated to the virtual world, and represents what some would call the ultimate racing simulator.

FORDZILLA P1 Ford Hypercar Racing Sim gamescom esports

Fordzilla P1 Hypercar Racing Sim: Details

The Batmobile look-a-like Fordzilla P1 hypercar racing sim includes various electronic accessories to allow streamers a closer look at the excitement of sim racing. Those accessories include three 4k cameras pointed at the drivers face, pedals, and steering wheel inside its cockpit along with a massive 32.81 x 13.12 foot screen outside. The racing simulator is powered by an HP Z4 powerplant and players utilize the  integrated gaming steering wheel and pedals to control everything. The Fordzilla team also utilizes HP Reverb G2 goggles to immerse themselves in the driving experience and get a little closer to the world’s most famous tracks. The Fordzilla also features enhanced lighting that synchronizes with the brakes so as to further include spectators watching nearby.  Aural or auditory simulation is also offered with the racing rig; a personalized and realistic sound design system has been implemented. 


“This latest development with HP means we can stream the excitement to more people and help them to see the future possibilities of simracing,” states Emmanuel Lubrani, of Team Fordzilla. Team Fordzilla is Ford’s esports team that was established in 2019. The team consists of 5 countries including Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the U.K. with a total of 40 hand-picked racers driving for the team in total. You can find a quick video of the sim racer in action on team Fordzilla’s Pablo Lopez’s Twitter page where he posted himself taking the Fordzilla P1 for a spin in a recent Gamergy event in Spain earlier this month.

To find Fordzilla’s streams you can visit their channel on Twitch using the handle TeamFordzilla.


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