This is by far the best Apple iPhone 12 mini 5G deal available right now

This is by far the best Apple iPhone 12 mini 5G deal available right now

As unpopular as the iPhone 12 mini might be (and boy, does the data look bad for Apple’s failed attempt at bringing compact powerhouses back), there’s no question that the 5.4-inch handset can deliver excellent bang for your buck… at the right price.

$699.99 and up isn’t it, despite obviously undercutting the other three members of the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 family, and while unlocked discounts with absolutely no strings attached are still incredibly hard to come by, Visible is essentially offering the next best thing right now.
To begin with, you’ll have to port in an existing phone number to Visible to receive a $200 Prepaid Mastercard after two full months’ service payments. That’s only one component of the hot new promotion, mind you, with the iPhone 12 mini itself marked down from a $699.99 list price to a measly $480, which you can cough up all at once or in 24 monthly installments of 20 bucks each.
The Apple A14 Bionic-powered device is sold alongside a complimentary Nimble fast-charging kit as well, and last but not necessarily least, the “SUMMER” promo code applied at checkout will slash an additional $15 a month off your wireless service costs for the first two months, bringing your total savings up to more than $450.

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