This Philosophy Professor Used Kickstarter to Grow His Business. Now, Popsockets Has Sold More Than 200 Million Units.

Popsockets Founder David Barnett explains how he started the business in part because he got tired of dealing with tangled earbud cords.

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In this interview with James McKinney, former philosophy professor David Barnett relates how people laughed at his business idea when he first told them about Popsockets. A few years and more than 200 million sales later, it’s Barnett who’s laughing. Together, he and McKinney discuss topics that include:

  • What you should do if people laugh at your big idea.
  • How he differentiated his Kickstarter campaign in a crowded space.
  • Why he cast a wide net when looking at target consumers.
  • His process for making his first hires.

Watch the full video here to see more of their conversation.

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