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JAIPUR: Even those who have eaten beef can also be converted back to Hinduism, and it can’t be closed off to them, the general secretary of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Dattatreya Hosabale said on Wednesday.
Addressing an event here in Jaipur, the RSS leader said, “The term ‘Hindu’ has already entered our Constitution and country. It is a fact of history. Hindu is an identity and a culture to which people belong.”
“While MS Golwalkar didn’t get into the exact definition of Hindu, Veer Savarkar has said in his writings that those who consider the land till the Sindhu river as their land are Hindus,” he added.
Citing MS Golwalkar, Hosabale further said that we can’t close our doors on those who have converted to other religions.
“Golwalkar ji even said that those who have converted to other religions can also be converted back to Hinduism. It might happen that they would have eaten beef under some kind of pressure, but still, we can’t close our doors on them. They can still be brought back into Hinduism.”
He added that to understand ‘Sangh’, one needs to open not just their minds but also their hearts.
“Once it was asked from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, what is Sangh? He said that only the founders of Sangh know what Sangh is, while we all are just trying to find out the answer. One needs heart, and not brain to understand Sangh,” he added.
The RSS General Secretary said that Sangh considers the whole Hindu society as its family.
“All members of the ‘Hindu society’ are part of the Sangh family. So, it is our duty to bring changes in our people and develop feelings of religion, culture and nationalism in them. Only then can we develop as a society. Sangh aims to make society united and powerful. For this we have to work for national unity, empowering cow protection and fighting against religious conversions,” he further said.
Hosabale added that “Today Sangh has reached the central stage, as people in the country are now interested in knowing about the Sangh.”

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