Three Mead High School Students Re-enacted George Floyd’s Death Using Black Face, Principal Resigned Shortly After

Three Colorado high schoolers re-enacted the death of George Floyd with one student depicted in Blackface and their school principal stepped down following the backlash.

According to KCNC-TV, a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Denver, the male students are from Mead High School in Longmont. They decided to mock a Black man, a victim of police brutality and will go unpunished as the now-former principal Rachael Ayers submitted her resignation.


Ayers said their actions do not reflect the school as a whole. She quit her job on Monday after 12 years.

The image of the incident, posted on Snapchat, showed two white boys kneeling on a Black-faced white boy with a caption that reads “Bye-bye seniors.”

A petition was posted on to bring awareness to the boys’ actions. Created by Ana Carrillo, the petition has secured more than 9,400 signatures of its 10,000 signature goal.

“We as a generation know that racial profiling and racism of any kind is not acceptable, and has been happening at Mead High is truly disappointing as the principle doesn’t bring it to attention as she should,” Carrillo’s petition reads.

“It’s unbelievable that there are still people acting so immature towards racism. Everyone in our school represents Mead as who we are. Having such students re-create a humiliating death is disgusting, they have dishonored themselves and the name in our school. in our school people have raced racial discrimination and it won’t be allowed. THESE KIDS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS,” she added.

Superintendent Don Haddad told the press that he could not disclose Ayers’ official reason for leaving amidst a controversy, but he released a statement saying his school system has “no tolerance for, racism in any form and will be addressing this extremely serious matter immediately and accordingly,” according to the Daily Camera.

Because the picture was taken on school grounds, it is being investigated, but it remains uncertain if potential charges could be brought up.

For now, Ayers will be replaced by Dr. Brian Young, principal of Frederick High School for the past five years.

According to Haddad, Young’s goal will be to “discuss advancing student success and achievement with a focus on a safe and inclusive school environment and culture for every student, teacher, staff, and community member.”

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