TikToker Who Made a Vegas Pizzeria Go Viral, Surprises a Black Brooklyn Bakery Owner

Keith Lee has made a name for himself with his lively food reviews on TikTok, which attract new customers and breathe new life into small businesses.

Recently, the budding entrepreneur took his talents Brooklyn.

On Thursday, Lee traveled to Kings County to meet Akim Vann, owner of Bakery on Bergen, where he delivered a sweet surprise.

Nearly a decade ago, Vann created Bakery on Bergen with aspirations to invest in her neighborhood and serve as a role model to kids in the community.

“My mom really took leadership into her own hands in terms of curating a space that wasn’t just for her,” her son, Chi Osse, said during an interview on Good Morning America.

Vann’s friend, Anita Bushell, explained that Vann uses “her extraordinary math skills” within the bakery, where she tutors students.

Also during the interview, Dawn Siciliani, said, “More people need to see women, women of color, single women, mothers that are doing things that are unique to themselves.”

Osse added that his mother is  “fierce” and “inspiring.”

“She’s always believed in us,” Osse continued. “When folks tell me I can’t do something or have to wait my turn, even though I know I’m ready, I still go out and do it and accomplish it because that’s how I was raised.”

After welcoming GMA and Lee into the bakery Thursday morning, Vann was not unaware the visit was a ploy to help pump more life into her already impactful business.

Lee, who visited the bakery earlier in the week, told Vann, “Your customer service was through the roof and you had no idea who I was.” It was then that GMA surprised Vann with a $10,000 check from Duncan Hines.

“Shut up,” she said with a huge smile. “Oh my gosh, thank you so much.”

Earlier this week, the TikTok food critic posted a video in which he addressed a potentially career-ending scandal. The Las Vegas resident, who is known for reviewing struggling restaurants in the city, was accused of stealing an idea from a TV producer who had pitched to him late last year.

The allegations began circulating after Emmy Award-winner Gyllian Carter criticized an unnamed content creator who ripped off her concept. Though she declined to provide details, Carter claimed the individual was a “beloved” TikTok influencer who she believes would make “great TV.”

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