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Tinder has shared some suggestions for its users that they can use in their bios to celebrate World Environment Day 2021. Tinder has revealed that the Gen Z on the platform is increasingly sharing opinions about environmental issues. In order to help users in expressing themselves, Tinder has released a set of suggestions that includes some tips for the bio of those concerned for the environment. While Vegetarianism and Environmentalism lead the trend, users are also using environmental themes around gardening and veganism to express themselves in their bio.


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From February 2020 to May 2020, there was also an increase of two times in the mention of ‘Plant Mom’. Image: Pixabay

The dating app found that between February 2020 and May 2020, the usage of the term ‘Plant Dad’ increased nearly three times. During the same period, there was also an increase of two times in the mention of ‘Plant Mom’.

Some of the one-liners that Tinder has suggested to its users are “Tell me your favourite flower and I’ll grow it for you,” “Proud, single parent of three (lil’ saplings) and “DTF – Down To Forget about worldly problems and grow some herbs/greens?”

For those users who advocate a cause on Tinder, the company has recommended one-liners like “I like my relationships exactly how I like my fashion – slow and sustainable,” “Reuse, reduce, recycle – my trash, not my relationships” and “If only I made an effort to save my money, like I conserved water”.

Lastly, there are recommendations for people who want to let their matches know about their food choices. They may use the following one-liners in their Tinder bio — “Clean, green, utilitarian and everything vegetarian,” “Vegan and lovin’ it – always on the lookout for food” and “Dairy free and gluten free since 2019,  looking to be free of toxic relationships in 2021”.

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