Titans Season 3 Trailer Releasing Tomorrow

The first teaser trailer for Titans season 3 officially comes out tomorrow ahead of the DC live-action show premiering on HBO Max in August.

The first teaser trailer for Titans season 3 is officially releasing tomorrow. As the first original series for DC’s former digital service, DC Universe, Titans enjoyed a two-season run as hardcore fans checked out the more mature take on the fan-favorite teen team. It had a rocky start but the majority of viewers thought season 2 was a step up, as it introduced Deathstroke, Batman, Superboy, and many other DC characters. Titans is now gearing up for season 3 to launch exclusively on HBO Max in August.

Due to the change from DC Universe to HBO Max and the COVID-19 pandemic hindering production, it has been over a year since fans saw the Titans season 2 finale. It paved the way for Starfire to play a bigger role, Jason Todd to transform into Red Hood, and much more. Fans of the series have been not-so-patiently waiting for the first footage from Titans season 3 ever since. The marketing campaign hasn’t started yet, but there have been plenty of behind-the-scenes images released by cast members or paparazzi. Thankfully, an official look at Titans season 3 is now right around the corner.

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The official Twitter account for Titans (DC Titans on Max) announced this evening that the season 3 teaser trailer arrives tomorrow, on June 17, 2021. It is unconfirmed exactly when the footage will be released online. If the time of this post is any indication, DC and HBO Max could wait until the night to publish it. Check out the announcement below:

Since the trailer is only described as a teaser, the glimpse at Titans season 3 could be quite vague. Then again, the series is known for leaving a major impression with its marketing. The very first trailer for the show infamously included Dick Grayson saying “F*** Batman” and creating quite the stir online. Something on par with this line likely won’t come in the Titans season 3 trailer, but it could still include plenty of reveals.

As for what the Titans season 3 trailer could show to really get fans excited, seeing Red Hood in action is one such possibility. Curran Walters hasn’t been shy about sharing teases of the suit on social media, but a glimpse of it in motion would be nice. The teaser could also reveal the first look at new characters for season 3, like Barbara Gordon, Tim Drake, or Scarecrow. If the show really wanted to deliver a somewhat expected surprise, the confirmation that Donna Troy is being revived could be teased too. There is a lot that will happen in Titans season 3, clearly, so it’ll be fun to see exactly what is shown to generate hype for the show’s return.

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Source: DC Titans on Max

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