Tito’s Stand Up Copper Cocktail Set helps you to become a master mixologist at home » Gadget Flow

Become a mixologist at home with the Tito’s Stand Up Copper Cocktail Set. Perfect for parties, this set offers everything you need to create delectable drinks. This includes a 500 ml shaker, tongs, a strainer, 2 pour spouts, a muddler, a strainer, a bottle opener, and more. Plus, the wooden base provides a presentable stand for this set during storage or to keep on display. In fact, everything fits in neatly into specific slots to keep everything to hand and provide easy access. Moreover, the Tito’s Stand Up Copper Cocktail Set uses stainless steel for durability and improved hygiene. And its copper exterior provides a stunning finish. Overall, enjoy cocktails or mocktails at social gatherings for a long-lasting, exciting set fit for everyone.

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