Top 10 Music Games To Play Right Now

There’s no music game that makes you feel as cool as Beat Saber does. Not only is it a Guitar Hero-like rhythm game, but a lightsaber simulator, too. Okay, maybe Beat Saber developer Beat Games wouldn’t describe it as a lightsaber simulator but like, come on, you’re hitting neon blocks with a large light sword, and it feels very Star Wars meets Tron. It’s an absolute blast too. Beat Games’ original tracks are upbeat and hype as hell, and it doesn’t hurt that Beat Saber kind of tricks you into a small workout while playing. Add in some tracks from real-world artists like Linkin Park, Panic! At The Disco, Timbaland, and more, not to mention the custom song possibilities that arise when playing on PC, and Beat Saber is easily one of the best music games released in years. | Our Review

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