Toxic materials shipped out of Beirut after last year’s huge chemical explosion

A ship in the Lebanese capital has been loaded with 59 containers of hazardous materials to be taken to Germany.

The dangerous substances resulted from the huge explosion of hundreds of tonnes of fertilizer that killed more than 200 people in Beirut port and destroyed buildings on the city”s dockside last August.

“This is just a beginning,” said Andreas Kindl, German Ambassador to Lebanon “This is the first step of cleaning part of the port.

“There is a lot to be done in the port and I really hope that that caretaker government or future government to come will work closely with the international community to be able to quickly move on the promises given and actions taken.”

A German company, Combi Lift, was tasked with removing the toxic fall-out from the devastating blast.

The city’s dockside has now been cleared of all the poisonous and highly reactive chemicals that had been stored there for years.

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