Toy Story 3 Final Scene Recreated In Real Life

One Twitter user recreate the heart-wrenching finale scene from Toy Story 3 to celebrate their graduation, including iconic Toy Story figures.

One college graduate got the ultimate Toy Story 3 sendoff for graduation by re-creating a still from the final heart-wrenching scene. Since the original Toy Story‘s release in 1995, when it was one of the highest-grossing films of the year, Pixar has perfected its formula of feel-good animated movies. The 1999 sequel was also a box office success, but the studio let time pass before the third film debuted in 2010. And despite the gap, it proved to be worth the wait.

Toy Story 3 was set to be the ending to the story about a bunch of semi-living toys that work to make Andy as happy as possible. The 2010 film was a satisfying finale, as it followed the story of a grown-up Andy going to college and leaving his toys behind. Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang find themselves in the trash, only to end up in a horrifying daycare run by an evil teddy bear, Lotso. The film ends with a heartbreaking scene of Andy playing with his favorite toys one last time before he drives off to college. The limp toys come alive to longingly watch him drive away, before starting their new life at their new home. And Woody gave his life-long pal one last “so long partner,” which was definitely a tear-jerker.

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Josiah Robles, a graduate of Baylor University who goes by @jojo_xcviii on Twitter, shared an adorable recreation of the finale scene to celebrate their graduation. The photo shows Robles walking down a sidewalk with figures of all the Toy Story characters waving goodbye. Robles plays on Woody’s final farewell by saying, “So long somerset.” Check out the photo below:

While this final scene was set to be the last goodbye for Toy Story fans, Pixar decided they couldn’t stop just yet. The studio released Toy Story 4 in 2019, which proved to be an even more fitting ending to the feel-good tale. And it’s not a surprise the series remains a hit, considering the original film was Pixar’s first-ever film and the first-ever fully-computed animated film as well. The studio had to make sure the final goodbye felt totally right to moviegoers who have followed the story for years.

While there likely won’t be a Toy Story 5 anytime soon, Pixar isn’t ready to give up the characters just yet. The studio is working on an upcoming animated spinoff dubbed Lightyear, which is set to be the origin story for the human Buzz that the action figure is based off. But it’s clear that even though the Toy Story saga has been extended for more than two decades, the Toy Story 3 final moment truly resonated with fans for years to come.

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Source: Josiah Robles

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