Toyota C+walk T 3-wheeled standing-type BEV travels at typical human walking speeds » Gadget Flow

Make transportation easier if you need support when you have the Toyota C+walk T 3-wheeled standing-type BEV. Designed to travel at typical human walking speeds, it’s convenient to use in walking areas. Moreover, the Toyota C+walk T includes obstacle detection functions to avoid collisions with pedestrians or collisions. Use it for activity tours, to relieve the burden of walking, and for other facilities. This 3-wheeled standing-type BEV includes accelerator levers on either side of the steering wheel to control acceleration, deceleration, stopping, and departure. Simply speed the level to speed up and completely release to stop. Furthermore, this Toyota scooter includes a brushless DC motor located in the front wheel to assist with smooth acceleration and easier turning. Best of all, it’s capable of traveling around 14 km on a single charge. Finally, it only takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge the lithium-ion battery.

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