True Colors Begins 3-Week-Long Rollout Of Patches

Developer Deck Nine will fix bugs across all platforms and address technical issues by Oct. 4 – while investigating other user feedback.

Deck Nine, the developer for Life is Strange: True Colors, is rolling out patches over the next few weeks to address some of the recurrent issues following the game’s launch. True Colors was released on September 10 and received praise for being one of the best installments of the Life is Strange series to date.

Upon launching True Colors, players across multiple platforms experienced issues when attempting to access pre-order bonuses like outfit packs, which kept developers on their feet. They addressed players’ concerns with quick fixes that involved restarting consoles or turning ray-tracing off. Despite this, though, True Colors had a well-received launch, in part due to players immediately having the entire game at their disposal – Life is Strange: True Colors is not episodic like other Life Is Strange games.

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Life is Strange community manager Joshua Elkington recently released a launch update detailing the three-week rollout of patches intended to resolve the technical shortcomings of True Colors. The first of the updates launches today and resolves Ray-Tracing issues on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Windows Store versions. It also fixes save-file issues in Steam, in addition to some visual concerns that Elkington refers to as “black screen” and “aggressive lighting” issues.

Two other patches will release over the following two weeks, on September 27 and October 4. These will address bugs present on all platforms, and other console-specific fixes. The last patch is set to specifically resolve framerate drops on PS5 and Xbox – all while resolving HDR functionality on Steam. Deck Nine is also currently investigating a number of other bugs brought to its attention, such as low framerate and game crashes on PC, and other issues on the PlayStation 5. That being said, these minor bug fixes over the next three weeks are small steps developers can take to maintain True Colors high-quality reception.

Life Is Strange is an immersive experience that echoes real life with supernatural embellishments. The series already has a following that could potentially grow as it continues to gain traction and undergoes these technical fixes. Later this year, the series will expand to an entirely new platform – the Nintendo Switch will receive a Life Is Strange Remastered Collection with True Colors, continuing the series’ momentum, even after launch.

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Life is Strange: True Colors is now available on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia, and it will launch on Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Source: Joshua Elkington/Square Enix

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