Tucker Carlson Brushes Off 2024 Presidential Run Speculation: ‘Come On!’

Tucker Carlson speaks at a Business Insider conference in New York, N.Y., November 30, 2017. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Though Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been rumored to be a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2024, he said recently that he is not planning to run.

“Oh, God, come on!” Carlson said on the Ruthless podcast when asked about the rumors. “That seems like a fun job!”

The top-rated host in cable news laughed before adding, “No! No!”

He added that though he has known and spoken to every president for roughly 30 years that he “can’t think of anyone whose life was improved.”

“I guess if I was the last person on earth who could do it,” he added. “But that seems pretty unlikely that I would be that guy — you know what I mean?”

 “I’m a talk show host; I enjoy it,” he concluded.

Shortly after Carlson’s podcast appearance, the New York Times’ media columnist, Ben Smith, reported that Carlson has been a source for a number of reporters on Fox News internal politics and former President Donald Trump. Smith wrote that 16 journalists told him on background that he has been, as three of them put it, “a great source.”

Meanwhile, as Republicans look toward taking back the White House in 2024, a straw poll of conservative voters at the Western Conservative Summit last weekend saw Florida Governor Ron DeSantis come out on top as the favorite to be the GOP nominee.

DeSantis narrowly defeated Trump in the poll of 31 possible candidates from both parties.

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