Tuned Ford Maverick Can Go From 0-60 In Just 5.5 Seconds

According to the EPA, the fuel economy ratings for the Ford Maverick EcoBoost and the hybrid see a significant difference. The Maverick Hybrid comes in at an estimated 37 mpg combined, and the EcoBoost a still respectable 25. Of course, that’s a sacrifice some are willing to make to have better-towing capacity, traction, and performance. Some customers have reported getting a few mpg higher than the EPA rate, but that depends on how you drive the car and road conditions. One particular owner of a tuned EcoBoost Maverick has reported achieving near-hybrid mileage while boasting straight-line performance that can put new sports cars through their paces.

Tuned Ford Maverick Engine

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Tuned Ford Maverick: Details

This accomplishment was made by Michael Kildoo, who posted on a Maverick modification group on Facebook; he achieved this with bolt-ons and a canned tune. He then spoke with The Drive and outlined that the bolt-ons consist of a four-inch performance intake, a resonator delete, a dual exhaust, and a 91 octane tune from 5 Star Tuning. Since he made these changes, his Maverick gets 30 mpg on average, which is 20 percent better than what the EPA estimates. Kildoo also shared his handywork on a Maverick Facebook page.

Kildoo manages to achieve these numbers by the way he drives. He stated that he could get over 500 miles per tank so long as he doesn’t horse around. But, like most combustion engines, the best gas mileage comes when driving at highway speeds, which is where Kildoo reported getting 39 mpg, or two better than the EPA says the hybrid gets.

Those numbers certainly make for an appealing tune, especially with how gas prices are. But of course, that’s not why people tune their vehicles. While 5 Star makes no specific power promises on the production pages for its Maverick tunes, the results are most impressive. In a video shared on Kildoo’s original Facebook post, a GPS speedometer records his truck doing 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. The same video shows it running 13.87 seconds in the quarter-mile. This comes from a pickup with a 1,500-pound payload capacity and 4,000-pound tow rating.

Tuned Ford Maverick Drag Times

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