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Blow past the competition with the Turtle Beach Recon Enhanced Gaming Controller. This gaming gadget brings you advanced audio when you plug into any 3.5 mm connected headset. You get access to Superhuman Hearing technology, so you can hear your enemies reloading. Also, the easy-access audio controls include EQ presets, game & chat volume mix, mic monitoring, and more. Above all, the game controls feature the Pro-Aim Focus mode. This mappable button calibrates thumbstick sensitivity to 4 levels for better long-range accuracy. Also, the ergonomic cooling grips have microcooling channels and boast a comfortable, sweat-reducing shape. Moreover, mappable quick-action buttons let you tailor your gaming experience and switch among 4 profiles. Finally, the rumble motors in the handles and triggers enhance the immersive experience you get from the Recon Controller.

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