Ultra-affordable iPhone SE headlines latest refurbished Apple Watch and iPhone extravaganza

Because it’s incredibly rare for Apple to sell its latest “iDevices” at anything resembling decent discounts through the company’s official stores, bargain hunters passionate about Cupertino’s smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches are often left searching for the perfect deal on slightly older gadgets on websites like Woot.

The Amazon-owned e-tailer is today running another one of its expansive iPhone and Apple Watch sales, charging extremely low prices for a boatload of different models in refurbished condition for 24 hours only.
Normally available for $399.99 brand-new, the marked-down 4.7-inch Apple A13 Bionic powerhouse may not last through the end of the day at Woot, including the vendor’s 90-day warranty and a “moderate level of wear & tear” while packing a battery “tested to function at minimum 85% capacity” and vowing to work flawlessly overall.
Pretty much the same warranty and functionality conditions apply to all the refurbs on sale here, ranging from a $130 and up Apple Watch Series 3 to a Series 5 setting you back as little as $249.99 and from a $120 and up iPhone 7 to a high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max available for as much as $850 with a whopping 512 gigs of storage space on deck.
Depending on your specific needs and preferences for a “new” handset, you might want to consider the $150 and up iPhone 8, $330 iPhone XS, and $530 iPhone 11 as well. While some of the discounts compared to the devices that are still available brand-new at major US retailers like Best Buy are not quite earth-shattering, you know what they say about saved pennies.

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