Universal 4.0 titanium compact multitool includes more than 80 tools in one gadget » Gadget Flow

Carry one gadget that does pretty much everything: the Universal 4.0 titanium compact multitool. This everyday carry card tool offers more than 80 tools in one! So it’s a seriously minimalist and multifunctional piece of kit that tackles all your everyday challenges. From a knife to a survival axe and screwdrivers to wrenches, the Universal 4.0 seriously does it all. Use the unique clip system to combine different modules, giving you even more versatility. Choose the Garage, Military, Urban, Utility, or Wrench KIT to give you can openers, hex keys, bit drivers, sundials, scrapers, scoring tools, rulers, and more. Plus, you can even add on the convenient leather holder to keep everything organized in one spot in your pocket or bag.

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