Valheim Player Finds A Troll Living Under Their Bridge

A troll has gotten stuck under a player-made bridge structure in Valheim, sparking an amusing discussion on Reddit about fairytales and monster hunts.

In a recent post online, a Valheim player has found a troll living under their bridge, as if straight out of a fairytale. While this troll didn’t ask riddles or question the nature of those who crossed the bridge, the image brought to mind is still very nostalgic.

Valheim is a crafting survival game currently in Early Access on Steam for PC. The game allows players to shape the Viking-themed world around them to a certain extent, prompting many players to build extensive creations such as airships, castles, the Millenium Falcon, and more. Being in Early Access, the game is not perfect and has a certain degree of bugs and glitches. The case of the bridge troll is just another example of the mobs in Valheim getting stuck in a player-made structure.

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Thanks to a recent post on the Valheim subreddit from Reddit user Staehr, a troll has been found stuck under a bridge in the game. The image shows one of the enemy mobs from the game, the giant blue trolls which spawn in the Black Forest biome, stuck underneath a bridge the player had been in the middle of constructing. It seems the troll got stuck while the player was off collecting more wood for the bridge, with them coming back to find the troll stuck in the river and intersecting with the wooden structure. Instead of answering the troll’s riddles three, Staehr posted a comment in the thread stating that they and a friend took down the troll with spears and have since completed the bridge.

These are just the kind of issues that the developers are taking the time to address, with the company recently announcing a change in the game’s roadmap. Iron Gate Studio has taken down the previously proposed road map for Valheim’s development, stating that it cannot launch four updates within the year anymore, instead opting to focus on making the game’s current state a more smooth and well-rounded experience for players.

Many of the comments on the post were good-natured, making references to Geralt from The Witcher series being called on to come to hunt the monster or quotes from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Glitches and bugs such as this are generally accepted by the online community, as long as the glitch doesn’t prevent the game from running or being completed then it can be enjoyed as a part of the experience of the game.

While this glitch is not as game-breaking as finding the Swamp biome dungeon in the middle of the Plain’s biome, it will probably be addressed in an update further down the line. Hopefully, the game’s first major update called Hearth & Home will help to combat the issues that occur with hostile mobs interacting with player-made structures. Unfortunately, this update was pushed back to later this year, so players will need to just deal with it in the meantime.

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Valheim is available in Early Access on Steam. 

Source: Staehr/Reddit

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